#SayNoToNgilo: Say No to sensitive teeth
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Imagine a day, just once a year, where you can eat one thing and not gain a pound. If that were true, I would love to eat a tub of coffee ice cream because I have never done it.
Aside from all the calories, I’ve avoided doing that because I don’t like the tingling, unpleasant sensation I get in my teeth, which, I later learned, means I have sensitivity.

coffee ice cream

Some people say they get it from hot coffee. Like my husband who is a coffee drinker. Us Filipinos call it ngilo. In English, it’s called “dental hypersensitivity.”
That’s why we have Sensodyne® at home.


According to Sensodyne®, one in three people suffer from dental hypersensitivity, which can be caused by several factors including hard brushing, tooth grinding, acidic food, acid reflux and other conditions.

The condition, characterized by eroding teeth enamel and receding gums, expose the teeth’s nerves to outside stimulation such as hot or cold food and drinks.
Over 70% of dental hypersensitivity sufferers don’t find enjoyment in eating certain foods or drinking beverages like coffee.


Sensodyne® recently launched #SayNoToNgilo, a campaign to help raise awareness for dental hypersensitivity. The Ice Chill Test will determine if you have teeth sensitivity. You can find Sensodyne® booths at different malls and barangays in Metro Manila where you can take the test until September 18, 2016.

To take the test: You’ll be given a coffee ice slush to put inside your mouth. If you don’t experience discomfort, you’re good to go. If not, you have sensitive teeth
So how do you take care of your teeth if you have dental hypersensitivity?

Sensodyne® is a toothpaste that was created for people with this condition.
Sensodyne® Freshmint provides daily relief while Sensodyne® Repair and Protect relieves sensitivity by creating a layer around the tooth, preventing sensitivity, fixes teeth from the inside and outside by providing a robust layer that shields it for over six months, with twice daily brushing.

Head to the nearest Ice Chill Test booth to find out if your teeth are sensitive and which Sensodyne® product works for you.
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