Samsung Galaxy Note 5—The next big thing
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Years ago, people were calling “phablets” the next big thing.
A phablet is actually a smart phone and tablet in one mobile device. And now the next big thing is the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, and it’s here.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

With dimensions of 153.2 x 7.6 mm, the Note 5 is smaller and thinner than the Note 4.
It’s also lighter at 171g, with a more premium look and feel.
The back glass of the phone curves inward on the right and left sides, which makes it easy to hold despite its phablet size. And to clarify, the Note 5’s superb screen is flat, not curved.
Samsung Galaxy Note 5
If you like taking pictures, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5’s camera is powerful. It can take beautiful photographs and videos clearly. If you want your pictures to be sharper, you can switch to “pro” mode, which gives you new options to tweak the camera before you take a shot.
If you like to take selfies, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has a “beauty” feature which allows you to adjust your skin tone, eye size, and even face size. There’s also the “wide selfie” mode for when you need to fit more people into the frame.

Of course, the Note 5 wouldn’t be a Note without an S Pen stylus, and Samsung has made several improvements to it. It now has a unique pop-out tab to remove it.
Samsung has also boosted the software to interact with the stylus. You can draw with the stylus and use it to scribble on photos or take notes your phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

The 3,000-mAh power cell provides enough charge to get the phone through a full day. It supports QuickCharge 2.0 and can go from 0 to 60 percent quickly. This means you can actually leave home without a power bank.
For me, the screen is the Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5’s most outstanding feature. The QHD, Super AMOLED display’s saturation and overall brightness makes it a winner. The size of the screen allows you to take full advantage of the Multi-Window mode or the Split-Screen, so you to do two things at the same time. This means you could be replying to an email and watching a video on YouTube at the same time.

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