Rose Bakery + Comme des Garçons
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I walked back to Marunouchi to pick up a Genten bag for Penny and Comme des Garçons for me.
Sayoko told me to check out Rose Bakery at Comme des Garçons but told me all the food was healthy and organic (read: McDo na lang). So before heading out I ordered room service: grilled salmon, yuzu ponzu sauce, and rice 🙂

Room service

It was an overcast day in Tokyo

Marunouchi crossing

The older I get, the more I appreciate plants, trees, flowers

nice grass

This is the second Comme des Garçons in the area. Both stores are marked in dots.

Comme des Garçons Marunouchi
Comme des Garçons
Comme des Garçons

The first thing you will see is Rose Bakery on the left, Comme des Garçon’s first food venture, as far as I know.
They have branches in France, UK, Korea, and Japan.

Comme des Garçons Marunouchi

Feels like a classroom with a store

Rose Bakery

In typical Comme fashion, there’s no music inside the store. Only the sound of busy staff working around a stainless steel open kitchen stocked with fresh ingredients, teas, baked goods

Rose Bakery
Rose Bakery

I decided to buy two kinds of cookies before hitting the shop

Rose Bakery cookies

It didn’t take long to find my red plaid skirt and two pairs of Comme des Garçons x Doc Martens

Comme des Garçons Marunouchi

The best part about being older is I can now afford to buy the clothes I’ve wanted since I was a teenager 🙂

Comme des Garçons Marunouchi

Comme des Garçons and Rose Bakery are at
2-1-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo Metropolis Marunouchi MY PLAZA (Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Building)
Open from 11 AM ~ 8 PM
Comme des Garcons 03-3216-0016
Rose Bakery 03-3212-1715

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