#RodNi update: Be still, my heart
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Sorry, but my locaret friends and I are going nuts about this Manila Bulletin video in which a reporter asks President Duterte if VP Leni will ever get a cabinet position.
Because the President has been known to react unpredictably during press conferences, the reporter seems to regret having asked the dreaded question.
But watch what happens when someone gets the VP on the line.

“How is it possible na tagos ang kilig dito hanggang East Coast ng America,” tweeted Hazel Marie of Charlotte, North Carolina. “I just can’t explain it, parang AlDub when they were just starting. I just feel like #RodNi will be a great team together, fingers crossed.”
“Kinilig din ako,” said my friend Grace. “He’s a rockstar. The President is such a lady’s man. I get it now.”


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