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Getting an endorsement by Chuvaness doesn’t guarantee online winnings.
As you know, I couldn’t even make myself win against the powers of Tim Yap and Divine Lee.
That’s why I have to choose whomever I endorse. It has to be worth the effort.
This time around, I’m asking you to vote for Kerin Ching (L) and Niña Sandejas, who have joined the Clean & Clear search for their Asia Campaign.

Kerin ChingNiña Sandejas

You may recognize them as the two girls who baby sat my son when we were away.

Niña is a photojournalist who has traveled all over the Philippines and Asia to interview and photograph local and international bands.
In her spare time, she shares knowledge of her craft by conducting classes and workshops.
Kerin, on the other hand, is a preschool teacher (simple girl!) who models from time to time.
After realizing her true passion is teaching toddlers, less-fortunate, and special needs kids, Kerin has decided to take up her masters degree in Special Education which she is currently finishing at the University of the Philippines.

Niña and Kerin

The two have been best friends for almost a decade. It started when an edgy-looking Niña noticed a quirky-dressed Kerin in the hallways of their school. At that time Niña wanted to become a fashion designer, while Kerin dreamed of a career in advertising.
But as their friendship grew, so did their interests. It’s amazing how both followed their dreams, yet kept their friendship intact through the years.

Joining the Clean & Clear search was Kerin’s idea. When she mentioned it to Niña, she was surprised and excited that Niña thought it was great. Besides knowing it would be fun, both saw an opportunity to grow more in their friendship—win or lose.
The girls are thrilled to try something they have never done before.

Niña and Kerin

Clean & Clear is searching for a pair of best friends who are confident, unique and of course, have clean and clear skin.
Winners of the Philippine leg will be part of local ads and webisodes.
They will also represent the country in a regional contest in Singapore and will be up against winners from Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Singapore.
You can vote once a day until July 12, 2011.

Here’s how:
1. LIKE Clean & Clear Philippines here:
2. Click here to vote for Kerin and Nina:
Thanks in advance and let’s help Kerin and Niña win this!

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