Robbie Antonio: Idol!
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I was going to blog about being stuck in a three-hour traffic jam last night. But hell, I just read about Robbie Antonio in Vanity Fair.
First, he’s building a 25,000-square-foot home in Manila, designed by renowned Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas.
Second, it’s going to house a museum that will include his commissioned portraits by world-class artists such as Julian Schnabel, Marilyn Minter, and David Salle.

Robbie Antonio in Singapore

Who is Robbie Antonio?
He’s the 36-year-old managing director and board member of Century Properties, son Joey Antonio and wife Hilda, and brother to Jigger, Marco and Carlo.
Among Century Properties developments are Azure Urban Resort Residences, endorsed and partly designed by Robbie’s friend, Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton and Robbie Antonio of Century Properties
Paris Hilton Azure

The Trump Tower Manila

Donald Trump Jr. and Robbie Antono
With Donald Trump Jr. with Robbie Antonio

and Acqua Iguazu by John Hitchcox and Philippe Starck

Robbie Antonio, Philippe Starck, Jigger Antonio
L-R: Robbie Antonio, Philippe Starck, Marco Antonio

Listen, this isn’t a sponsored post and I don’t know Robbie Antonio personally.
I have met him once during the Acqua Iguazu press conference and found him pleasant.
Many rich people in Manila have their homes featured in glossy magazines, but I find them “lifestyles of rich and boring” for the most part.
Now if Rem Koolhaas is doing your house, it will be anything but boring.
Take a look at some of his work:

Educatorium (University of Utrecht) in Utrecht by Rem Koolhaas
Educatorium, University of Utrecht

Rem Koolhaas Seattle Public Library
Seattle Public Library

Rem Koolhaas IIT Chicago
Illinois Institute of Technology

03 Casa da Música 7361
Casa de Musica, Portugal

Now take a look at some of the portraits in Robbie’s collection—they give a whole new meaning to term “selfie”

Robbie Antonio by Kenny Scharf
Interstellar (Portrait of Robbie Antonio) by Kenny Scharf

Robbie Antonio
By David Salle

Robbie Antonio by Takashi Murakami
By Takashi Murakami
By David LaChapelle
By Damien Hirst
By Julian Schnabel

And hey, I don’t judge if he wants to spend money this way. After all I did have my portrait done by Crajes—though mine is more affordable.
I just wish I knew him well enough to see his house!!
But reality bites. I already have a house and it needs fixing because I heard it’s gonna rain hard on Saturday and I have flooding problems.
To know more about Robbie, click HERE.
To see the Vanity Fair story, click HERE.

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