Roast Turkey by The Commissary
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Celebrate Thanksgiving Day (November 24th), Christmas and New Year with a special roast turkey and your choice of sides from The Commissary of Margarita Fores.
Each turkey weighs a minimum of 5.5 – 6 kilos and serves 20-25 persons.


Roast Turkey with Foccacia, Pate di Fegato, dried mangoes and chestnuts (PHP 7,750)
Candied Yams
Whole Cranberry
Cranberry Jelly

Roast Turkey with ensaymada, jackfruit and jackfruit seeds, Antipolo kasuy and prunes (PHP 8,250)
Candied Yams
Cranberry Jelly
Fresh Langka & Pear Compote

Roast Turkey with Rustico, Sage, Minoyan Honey, Sultanas and Pata Negros (Organic Prosciutto from Negros) (PHP 9,350)
Candied Yams
Cranberry Jelly
Apple & Sultana Compote

To order (at least two days ahead), contact Anna Lopez at 729-0030 or (0917) 513-8945.

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