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National Bookstore is my playground! It’s the one place I can’t enter without buying anything, and this year I planned on reading more paper, instead of being online all the time. Yesterday I went magazine shopping and got these:

1) Philippine Tatler‘s LIST issue is juicy. Well, because lists sell and everyone wants to be in some sort of list that makes them more sosy. This issue tells you whom Tatler says are the most stylish, most invited, most gracious hosts in the Philippines, plus the 400 people who are who’s who (I know 29—so yay me!).
I didn’t read all the text, but enjoyed looking at all the photos. Even though you’re not into that scene (like me), it’s interesting to step into their world for a few minutes and then close the magazine and go back into your “dreary” life. No, seriously. It’s entertaining.


2) I bought Appetite magazine because I heard there was a Chicken Kiev recipe inside. I would ask my chef husband to teach it to our cook. Then again, it might be easier to order it from the Russian lady who sells them at Legaspi market, as Marks & Spencer Chicken Kiev is now always out of stock!
This looks so good….


3) I picked up Dwell magazine due to a recommendation of The Wanderlister.
As a home/design lover, it is seriously the best magazine I have picked up in a very long time. It features the most unique spaces all over Asia and Australia. It makes you envious and think how passé is your own home. I love this magazine and look forward to future issues.


4) Earlier I discovered the 150 series of design books. Rarely do I pick up a design book where I like almost everything inside. If you’re into home design and renovation, these are two very good resource books.
Right now I have 150 Best New House Ideas and 150 Best Kitchen Ideas because our eight-year-old kitchen is in dire need of renovation. I can’t wait to see the others in the series: 150 Bathrooms, 150 Loft Ideas, etc. I just have to find out which National Bookstore has them.


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