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I think it’s lovely that I can be friends with someone on an opposite pole. Rajo Laurel, for instance, usually celebrates his birthday with a big party with tons of celebs dressed in pink, while I like to keep it quiet and simple.
This year, Rajo decided not to have a big party, and instead celebrate with BENCH and Michael Cinco in a fashion show on Sunday, May 27th at SMX.

On his actual birthday, May 19th, Rajo said he actually missed having a party, so Ginggay organized a really small dinner at Masseto with just five people: Rajo and his partner of 8 years Nix Alañon, Penny, Ginggay, and I.
Masseto is really hard to find as it is hidden in Valero Street, with no visible signs, except for this Victor & Rolf-like marker on the wall.


I found the gang having drinks next door to the newly opened Bar M, which is small and chic and nobody knows about. Be prepared to wear fall fashion as the aircon is ridiculously cold. Lovett! Rajo was looking good after having lost some weight and some help from Spanx 🙂


Spotted: talented Chef Tippi Tambunting, who’s always friendly


and the charming Shauna Jay Popple of Tatler magazine.


What I love about Bar M is how pretty the lavatory looks.


I have great respect for restaurant owners who care about how their loo looks. Sorry, I had to take a picture.


We moved over to Masseto for dinner and started with the delicate chorizo appetizer in thin pasty shell


I had the scallop in garlic butter


This lovely sorbet


Two slices of bread + butter. And I was full!
Here’s my vintage transparent Kelly from Japan.


My fashion icon, Penny


and the gang


Happy birthday Rajo! Next dinner is on the house—mine!


To know more about Masseto, click HERE.

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