Rajo Laurel designs new Informatics uniforms
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Some time ago, my brother-in-law Leo Riingen, who runs the Informatics franchise in the Philippines, told me the students were asking for a new uniform they could be proud of.
He asked me to design it. “I’m a little rusty,” I told him.
I thought of consulting my sister Ana, who is an art student, but she had other designs in mind—think Japanese student, which the Informatics students didn’t like.

So I thought of tapping Rajo Laurel, who designs the best uniforms in town. Every time I see a nice uniform—whether it’s Max’s or Peninsula Manila—I find out Rajo designed the uniforms.
I brought it up with my brother-in-law who was afraid Rajo would be unaffordable, especially on a student’s budget. But a couple of calls later, they came to an agreement.

I would say Rajo’s uniform design for Informatics looks like a success.

Web Term 2 Enrollment 2012

Of course it would help if all the students looked like beauty queen Carin Ramos above (just kidding!!).
Here’s a rendering of his designs below, including the men’s uniform.
Leo says the students love the new designs.
Informatics Thumbnails of Designs

Informatics College, a Singapore-based IT school with over 20 institutes and colleges in the Philippines will be introducing its new student uniforms this coming semester.
Informatics commissioned top designer Rajo Laurel to conceptualized a modern classic uniform that will reflect the school’s international and young character, while ensuring the comfort and practicality of wearing an everyday, all-temp attire.
The blue and white top with an embroidered gray logo of the school will be worn with matching dark pants by all Informatics College students at least three times a week.
Informatics students are also required to wear business attire once a week to allow them to suit up for corporate life, while Fridays are for casuals.

Informatics is now accepting enrollees for the Second Term 2012-2013.
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