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April 7, 2015
Deposited a total of Php 22,969 from donors Jocelyn, Rose, Wendy, Lucille, Evelyn, and Gilbert and emailed them the deposit slips.
That makes a total of Php 240,331 deposited to Ralph Relucio’s account from chuvaness readers and followers.
Thanks so much!


April 1, 2015
Oops! I just checked my Paypal and saw that more donations had come in.
I have heard from Ralph’s mom Elaine. She wants to thank all of you who prayed and donated.
Ralph finally checked out of Makati Med last March 25, 2015.
They will be in Singapore from April 3-12 to see a plastic surgeon.
Elaine says Ralph will have to wear a pressure garment 24/7 for two to three years while his scars heal.
It’s a long-term treatment so your donations are much appreciated.
Right now I want to thank Rose, Wendy, Lucille, Evelyn, and Gilbert for donations I found out only now.
Sorry about that! I will deposit the amount of Php 13,374 to Ralph’s account after Holy Week and email each one of the donors the deposit slips.
To know more about the cause, scroll down.
Thank you very much and have a blessed weekend.

March 18, 2015
Received an additional Php 4789 deposited to Ralph’s account.
Total donation is now Php 217,362.
Thank you Victoria, Dennis, Grace and Margie.

donation to ralph

March 11, 2015
Thanks to more donations from Victoria, Alwin, Grace and Margie.
I will deposit your donations next week because I’m traveling this Thursday.
Will email you as soon as it’s done.
God bless you!

March 9, 2015
Thanks to two more donors, we have deposited an additional Php 45,000 to Ralph’s account, for a total donation of Php 212,573. To know more about the cause and how to help, click HERE.

For Ralph

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