Queueing for Margiela
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I learned about Martin Margiela as a fashion student 20 years ago, when a Swedish friend, who was working at IF in Soho, started raving about the new Belgian designer.
At that time, the majority of my wardrobe was Xuly Bët and Margiela.
Don’t laugh, here’s a rare picture of me wearing Martin Margiela in Parsons back in the day.

Draping class

Washed hundreds of times, the shirt’s still with me—and it fits!
I kind of lost interest in Margiela after he sold to Diesel, but this recent H&M collab got me interested again. I just had to fly to Hong Kong and be there.
While not all countries were hot for the collaboration, a good amount of fans lined up the night before to be the among the first to get the goods.
Take a look at photos I grabbed from Instagram showing which cities had the most intense fans.

I took this photo in Hong Kong at H&M Elements Mall around 10:30 PM the night before. There were 30 people in line with their books, food, mats and tablets.

Hong Kong

Brian del Rosario spotted a brilliant customer who brought a tent in Singapore?


Not sure what happened in Osaka. This doesn’t look good.


Copenhagen was probably a good place to be (along with Los Angeles, Shanghai and Zürich, from what I’ve heard)


Inside a Calgary mall looks like a good place to camp out—I’m sure they had a clean restroom to use.


Camping out in London (take note: mostly Asians)


and Kuala Lumpur


Waiting in Milan


and New York

New York

More Asians in Austin TX

Austin TX

More queueing in Barcelona




and Margiela’s hometown, Antwerp.


(To be continued)

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