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Some of my goals this year include fitness and self-improvement (I try to run every night after dinner), home improvement (I need to renovate parts of our eight-year-old house again), and finish a studio apartment we’ve been working on for a year.
This is a kind of cozy room I want to create downstairs, where I can move my home office, tons of press releases, books, exercise bike, and DVD collection, because I need to stop being cooped up in the bedroom for work.


Then there’s the studio apartment I’ve been working on with young architects Kellyn See and Rex Gapuz.
When Jeroen and I fell in love with the model unit, it looked like this

I want this studio

Never mind the unmade bed

I want this studio

The bathroom looked OK

The banyo

But when it got turned over, it looked like this


I don’t really wanna walk into a kitchen

entrance inside
Inside unit
ledge view

There is no excuse for this kind of sink


And the kitchen is just so cheap and sad


To say I was disappointed is an understatement. Through the help of Kellyn and Rex, we came up with this plan

Our studio, 2011

The idea is a kind of hotel room, a getaway

Our studio, 2011

These were truly my pegs: a hotel room in Amsterdam

Hotel bedroom

and JIA hotel in Hong Kong

H01 - Studio - living room.jpg

So far this is how it looks now. It is a work in progress. It should be done in a month.


Kellyn and Rex will be leaving for Sydney after it’s done, which makes me so sad, but they promise to come back for some projects. I’ll take care of the furnishings and show you when it’s done. I can’t wait to have a second home, a hotel room I can hide in and not have to pay for when I check out.
After this, I’ll continue working on our main house.

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