Problems of a blogger
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1) First, someone offers me free high-speed internet that was so good, I blogged and raved about it and called it “life-changing”. I raved so much, I know for a fact some people were convinced to get the expensive service.
Three months later, I get a call from them saying they were downgrading my service to 3 MPBS, which I’ve heard is their practice: they let you go on free trial, you sign up, service is good for the first weeks, and then they downgrade you.
After a few months, the 3 MBPS was further downgraded until I could no longer benefit from it, I had to disconnect it.
A year later I was surprised to get a billing for the “free” service I had stopped using for months!
I called them, explained I was offered a freebie, etc. They got their router back. And then two days ago I got a text from them saying they elevated my unpaid bill to their law firm. WTF, I’m not paying for this.

2) I’m having a problem with my wireless landline. The first one conked out so I asked for a replacement unit which was delivered at home while I was out. The replacement unit did not work. It has been more than a month I have no wireless landline and they seem to have forgotten about me.
Why should I pay the bill for a service that isn’t working? I called them just now and they promise to send the new unit today.
EDIT: The new unit just arrived!! Friends, I have a landline again, same number that starts with a 3. Yehey!!! Thank you very much!!

3) I signed up for Wi-Tribe 4G last November as they were offering 4 mbps for Php 1998/month. I just walked in at Shang, paid cash and was able to bring home the unit that same night. How convenient. When I got home I plugged it in and it worked but I got about 1 mbps. Upon talking to them on the phone, I was told that 1 mbps was just a test and they would upgrade my account to 4 mbps. OK, here’s what I’m getting by the way:


Thank you very much.
P.S. Prior to writing this blog entry, I had been tweeting to @witribeph and somebody actually called me back and promised to send a technician last week. I waited all Saturday and nobody came. Hence, the blog entry. Honestly, if you go the normal route in Manila, nothing will ever happen to your life. Hence, the blog entry. Good luck to my problems.

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