Poll: Who are you voting for?
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After going through the process of biometric registering in Pasig, it looks like I’m not even voting.
I really want to be here on May 9th but here are the reasons why not:

1) We’re going to be in Japan from April 29-May 10 to celebrate my birthday (April 30) and Markus (May 8). I asked Markus three times if we could move the dates to April 27-May 6, but he doesn’t want to. Sorry if you don’t agree with my parenting, but in our house the children’s voices count in decision making, including holidays.
2) After running a Twitter poll of Elections or Japan, 67% said I should go to Japan. Including Teddy Boy Locsin.

Twitter poll

3) Markus said my one vote is not going to make a difference. Kind of true. Whoever I vote for doesn’t win anyway. Except for that one time my candidate won, but got impeached.
4) I feel very unsure of the candidates, so I pray that you all make the right decision.
I’m kind of hoping they will move the election to a later date though I’m not in favor of printing receipts, because this aid vote buying.
That said, kindly answer my poll.

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