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New York has FAO Schwarz. Tokyo has Hakuhinkan Toy Park.

Tokyo_Ginza_Hakuhinkan Toy Store
Photo: Carlo Fumarola

Guess which one is better? Hakuhinkan of course. It’s a must stop for me every time I visit Tokyo.
I think I’ll never tire of cute things and colorful stationery.
Hakuhinkan is located in Ginza, right across from Ten-ichi, where I always get my tendon.


Just leave me here for two hours

Rilakuma and Friends!

You get the idea

Bebichhichi --> Evil Baby Monchhichi

My boys love the top floor, which has all the boys’ games and gadgets.
My favorite is the first floor with all the cute little knick knacks

Scotch "Sticky Doughnut" Tape

This is where I discovered the silicone purses that come in various sizes and colors

Screen shot 2011-05-05 at 5.38.38 PM

It became my favorite pasalubong and traveling accessory. The big-mouth coin purse opens up so you can see all your foreign coins in one go. I like the colorful purses because they’re easy to find in my mostly black bag collection.
It comes in other shapes and functions:


This is the one I really want to have!
silicone pouch

Have not seen them though

silicone pouch

But hey, they have the other pouches at Fully Booked and STUFF at Rustan’s.
I just bought a red coin purse today at Php 550, which is cheaper than the Japanese price.
Check them out here.

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