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Most recently, Eastwood City and Newport City Malls asked a bunch of us to decorate giant easter eggs for charity.
Those participating are Alyanna Martinez, Joey Mead, Tessa Valdes, Tim Yap, Will de Vaughn, Hideo Muraoka, Divine Lee, Angelica Panganiban, Rajo Laurel and myself.
I only had a few days to work, so I asked help from Nikki Luna, my sister Ana Zamora and Carlos Rosales.
Special thanks go to the kind workers of True Value at Rockwell Mall and our house help Mariza and Gina who helped me cut so many pictures of these lolas.

My egg


My egg

My egg is dedicated to the lolas in Lipa, which is my chosen charity.
If I win, the Php 100,000 prize will go towards building a water well for the home of the abandoned elderly run by the Missionaries of the Catechism in Marawoy, Lipa, Batangas.
For more than 13 years now, our family has been great friends with the nuns of Lipa who are very much a part of our family.

The nuns love him

Ben plays for them

Ben plays for the nuns at home

They helped us clean up after Ondoy

The nuns are a godsend

Ten years ago, we, along with family and friends, helped them build a kindergarten in loving memory of Jeroen’s mom, Wil van Straten, who loved the nuns of Lipa.
Most recently, we’ve been helping them finish a home for Lipa’s abandoned lolas, ages 80-100.
My contribution was to furnish all their bathrooms, hehe.

For Lipa
For Lipa

Although the facility is nearly done, there is a water problem. Php 500,000 is what they need to finish the project.
Therefore, the Php 100,000 prize from the Easter Egg would take care of 20% of the cost. If I win, I promise to double this amount. (If I don’t I will help them raise the money anyway.)
Take a look at the lolas that would benefit greatly from this project.
She is 90 years old.

This lola just latched on to Jeroen

Most of them abandoned, unwanted, and found on the streets of Lipa

The old folks of Lipa

Some of them just steps away from the gates of heaven

Home for the aged, Lipa
Our friends in Lipa

And they need our help

The old folks of Lipa

Help us to help the nuns make their lives more comfortable in their twilight years.

This nanay just latched on to Jeroen

Here’s how:

1) To vote, you must have a Facebook account.
2) Go to Eastwood City and Newport City‘s Facebook pages and like them.
3) Like my egg here.
4) And like my egg here.
5) 1 Like = 1 Vote.
As of this posting, I am at number 4 only, so please help augment my votes!


6) Each egg represents a celebrity’s chosen charity and the most number of combined likes from both pages, plus votes during the launch will be considered the winner.
7) Online voting period is from April 11 to May 12. Winner will be announced on May 13.
Thank you very much in advance for your vote!! I shall be writing again about the lolas in Lipa from our last visit.

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