Please vote for me pag may time!
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I don’t really know how the expression “pag may time” originated, but I think it’s funny.
The first time I read it was when Carlos Celdran posted “selfie selfie pag may time.”
Well, it’s voting season again. I really don’t know why Preview’s Stylebible included me in their shortlist of Best Blogger of 2013 when (almost) everyone in that list is below the age of 25!!

Vote for me!

When I first saw the shortlist I thought, I don’t stand a chance from these Instagram rockstars whose following runs into the hundreds of thousands.
So why do I want to win? Because my kids are excited to see mommy in it!
“I’m gonna use five iPads,” Markus said when he found out.
It’s a family thing I guess. The kids will put in some votes for me pag may timeā€”from school, tutor, homework, and Minecraft.

“What’s the prize Mommy?” Ben said.
“Nothing, I think. Just bragging rights,” I said.
“What’s that?”
“Well, you get to brag that you won something.”
“Oh,” Ben said thoughtfully. With that, he voted for me 10 times last night before going to bed, while and my husband has been clicking away, bless him.

Please vote for me pag may time until January 31, 2013. And special thanks to Bes for keeping the votes up in U.S. time!

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