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If I didn’t get pregnant (and homebound) with Ben in 2000, and my dad hadn’t discouraged me from working outside, I probably wouldn’t have discovered blogging 12 years ago.
Twelve years later, my sons—ages 10 and 9—have found out that their mom is a blogger with a following.
Like many kids their age, they have their gadgets and cannot imagine life without Internet.
Not too long ago they joined Instagram before I did and a couple of days ago they joined some contest which needs “likes” in order to win a membership to some cool Instagram pool.
While they’re in school I thought about surprising them by augmenting their “likes” on these entries.
This is Ben’s


And this is Marky’s


I don’t really know what the theme is. But if you’re on Instagram, please help me put the biggest smiles on my sons’ faces when they get home. It would really make my day and theirs if you could like these photos.
To vote, just log in your Instagram account on the upper right corner of the page.
Thank you very much!!

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