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Dear PLDT,
I maintain an apartment at St. Francis Shangri-La Place where I have a PLDT landline and internet.
I don’t go there very often so the bill gets emailed to me.
Last March when I visited there, the internet was dead, so I called customer service for help.
The person on the line said my account was active. Well, I thought so because I was able to use my landline.
I even asked if I had forgotten to pay my bill. She said no.
So she passed me on to technical who asked me to describe the behaviour of my modem and describe which lights were on.
This is what I got.

They said they would call me back about repair and no such thing happened.
Very recently, I found out that my case of complaint was closed in April. It was closed without any repair or follow up, and no phone call to me.
Months passed and the next bills I received were ones of disconnection.
I have been going back and forth with PLDT to explain my situation of having a miscommunication problem with customer service who told me my account was active and me waiting for them to repair, because I thought I shouldn’t have to pay for internet that has not been repaired.

Meanwhile my bill is now Php 15,000 for a dead internet.
Yesterday I paid Php 5,000 to cover that month in February I had neglected to pay my bill.
I’m hoping PLDT and I can come to a compromise, to forego the bills for the months I did not have service. Then I can either disconnect and pay termination fee, or continue the service and pay monthly for internet that is working.

PLDT, may I please speak to a human who cares? Because nobody seems to care on email or phone. Meanwhile my bill is growing, nobody wants to really terminate my account and nobody is fixing my internet. What can we do about it?
Should I pay for service that does not exist? If you have given me a notice of disconnection, why don’t you disconnect me and stop increasing my bill? THIS IS NOT FAIR!!!

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