Piandre opens Mother Ship and BGC salon
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When I was in high school I had a classmate with perfect hair, nails and skin. I kind of hated her and wondered how she did it. She was rich, for one and had a bigger allowance than all of us. Like her wallet always had bills.
What I didn’t figure out at the time was that she spent a lot of time in the salon.
When we were kids we only went to the salon to get a haircut. I didn’t know about the magic of regular blowdry until I was already working. Now that I’m older and can afford it, I don’t ever go out without a blowdry.

In 1987, Piandre was new and easily became one of the best salons in town. Their Greenhills branch was always busy, having captured the doña/moneyed market and their daughters. For one, they have sterilized brushes.


My mom was an instant fan and continues to be a regular 26 years later.
Growing up, all salons used to intimidate me, including this one. Even though I knew that Piandre was owned by my dad’s cousin, Linda Zamora Francisco.
Piandre, was originally supposed to be called Peandre—culled from the names of Peachy, Aina and Drea—Tita Linda’s three daughters.
“But it didn’t sound right so it became Piandre,” said my cousin Drea Zulueta, who is now general manager of 13 family-owned salons.

Drea gave me a tour of their recently opened branch in Bonifacio Global City, located at the ground floor of Two Parkade Building.


The salon was quiet this Wednesday afternoon but gets busy in the mornings, after work and on weekends.
The new BGC salon looks modern and spacious with bamboo floors and matching chairs. Drea says they designed the salon themselves.

Piandre BGC

Drea and her family keep the business updated by taking regular trips around the world to attend trade fairs and to source new products and materials.
Drea herself started training under Vidal Sassoon in London in 2003. She now helps train Piandre stylists back home.

Aside from the large salon space, the new BGC shop has a men’s area, two VIP rooms and three wax treatment rooms. But what I find amazing is it has restrooms everywhere—like seven restrooms, including two separate ones for the staff. The VIP section has its own restroom. This lavatory is chuva-approved.


The BGC shop has these magic mirrors I really love. See this logo at the bottom of the mirror


Press that and the mirror lights up.

Piandre's magic mirror Piandre's magic mirror

Each Piandre salon also has a mini store of hair products.


Drea urged me to try Michael O’Rourke’s Rock Your Hair products to benefit my thin hair. Uhm, I can’t resist this color.


Among their wonder products are a dry shampoo powder for times you can’t shampoo and need to freshen up, plus a wonder hair powder that covers “bald spots” on your scalp.


Next we drove all the way to Timog Avenue, Quezon City where Piandre has opened a five-storey Mother Ship called the LZF Building (LZF = Linda Zamora Francisco). The four-storey building was designed by Carmelo Casas.

Piandre Timog

On the first floor is the parking lot, because Drea has a phobia of basement parking lots.

Piandre Timog

From here you take the escalator to the second floor, which houses a 600-square meter salon, the biggest in the Philippines.

Piandre Timog

It offers a full range of services including cut and finishing, color, nails, hair treatments


The Timog Mother Ship was quite busy this afternoon

Piandre at Timog

The third floor, called the Salon Beautifier HQ, has a school setup. It will serve as a venue for training Piandre’s 60 stylists. In fact Piandre often flies in experts from abroad to train their staff.
The fourth floor holds a magnificent ballroom that can rival any hotel ballroom in Manila.


Love this VIP area. The ballroom can be rented for a fee. To inquire, visit the Piandre Mother Ship in Timog or call the numbers listed below.


On the fifth floor is a roofdeck, which is still being finished.
Aside from all the services offered, Piandre’s unique selling proposition is that it distributes many special hair brands like Lakme (hair color and hair care), Macadamia Natural Oil products and services, Rock Your Hair products, the pregnancy-safe Barielle nail polish line, Kerastase and L’Oreal.
Piandre is also the official distributor of the Keratin Complex Smoothing System in the Philippines.


After 26 years in the business, no wonder Piandre is the biggest chain of high-end salons in the country.
Piandre BGC is at Two Parkade, 30th Street corner 7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City
T: (02)553-4014 • (02)519-9962
Open Monday to Saturday from 7 AM – 9 PM and Sunday from 9 AM – 5 PM.

The Timog branch is at LZF Building, 25A Timog Avenue, Quezon City
T: (02)441-2977 • (02)927-3448 • (0921) 212.5963
Open Monday to Saturday from 7 AM – 9 PM and Sunday from 9 AM – 5 PM.

To find other locations near you, click HERE.
To know more, go to or like them on Facebook.

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