Does Jimmy deserve persona non grata?
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Persona non grata (Latinpluralpersonae non gratae), literally meaning “an unwelcome person”, is a legal term used in diplomacy that indicates a proscription against a person entering the country.
In non-diplomatic usage, referring to someone as persona non grata is to say that he or she is ostracized. Such a person is for all intents and purposes culturally banished, so as to be figuratively nonexistent. (Wiki)


After I blogged about Jimmy Sieczka’s 20 things he dislikes about the Philippines, I asked Teddyboy Locsin Jr. his thoughts on Twitter:

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So now the guy apparently is willing to apologize for his video, following a Cebu City councilor’s move to declare him persona non grata. Your thoughts?


Cebu-based American willing to apologize over ‘offensive’ viral video
By Jovan Cerda, Philippine Star

MANILA, Philippines – James Sieczka, the Cebu-based independent filmmaker behind the infamous video titled “20 Reasons Why I Dislike the Philippines,” said he is willing to apologize following a Cebu City councilor’s move to declare him persona non grata.
The video, uploaded two weeks ago at, made its way through video-sharing site Youtube and went viral in online social networks Facebook and Twitter.
It showed the American’s complaints about Cebu City, including, among others, filthy restrooms, loitering child beggars and a giant hole in the street covered by a metal drum.
Sieczka said in the video that he has been living in the Philippines for more than three years now.
In response, city councilor Sisinio Andales said he is filing a resolution to declare Sieczka persona non grata. Persona non grata is a term indicating that a person is no longer welcome in a particular area.
Read Sieczka’s statement below which he sent to

The following is my official statement regarding the “20 Reasons” video that I hosted:

I, James Sieczka, have considered the Philippines as my second country and Cebu as my second home.
The subject video that was aired was made in good faith and as a legitimate and reasonable exercise of my right, “freedom of expression.”
There was no intention to scrutinize the city nor the people that governs the same. It’s an honest observation and opinion that I myself think needs to be worked on not just specifically in Cebu. These are little things that we see around us as normal people and from the eyes of an ordinary man like me.
But from all that’s happening and me just trying to exercise my freedom of speech, I am very open and amenable for an apology, on the manner and means that I exercise my right, if the need presents itself.
As a sign of my compliance for the duly authorized authority and rule of law, I am not ashamed to apologize to people that I offended in the process with the hope that you would reconsider in declaring me “persona non grata.”

James Sieczka

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