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If I were to marry a hotel, it would be The Peninsula Tokyo.
For me, this video captures the charm and elegance the city offers, and staying at the Peninsula Tokyo makes the experience extra magical.

The video is part of Peninsula Moments, a new global brand campaign that shows how The Peninsula Hotels help moments and memories to remember. These are brought to life through local insight and the genuine desire of Peninsula staff to showcase the very best of their cities.
Produced by Ridley Scott Associates, the videos are directed by Jean-Claude Thibaut and Antony Crook, whose previous work includes videos for Louis Vuitton, Hermès and Boss.

“My main objective was to amaze the audience with real stories and authentic moments to capture the overall magic of The Peninsula Hotels, fuelled by the staff’s genuine desire to inspire, both on and off each hotel property, with their unique approach to their work giving an original view on each city,” said Jean-Claude Thibaut.
“My approach was simple: documentary style with particular emphasis on the photography, inspired by the Italian Neorealist movement in cinema with non-professional actors—the staff of each individual hotel—and filming on location without set decoration.”

I love how this captures the shopping bags and the fleet of Rolls-Royces not uncommon in Hong Kong.

Now the Roll-Royces are replaced by jeepneys in Peninsula Moments, Manila-style:

Complementing the videos are images by photojournalist and portrait photographer Russel Wong, a Singapore-based photographer known for his portraits of celebrities, together with his work in Hollywood as a stills photographer for Underworld, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Hero, and The House of Flying Daggers.

Pen Moments (Jeepney)
Pen Moments (The Lobby)

“I wanted to be able to capture specific moments that are unique to each Peninsula property and at the same time be able to show some of the people and aspects of service that make The Peninsula Hotels tick. I wanted it to appear very narrative, almost like scenes from a movie,” says Wong. “I tried to inject a romantic notion into the overall campaign, and hopefully it’s all uniquely Peninsula.”

Pen Moments (Pool Party)
Pen Moments (Villa Escudero)

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