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Sorry I’m on a diet again. I’ve been trying out this diet pill from my friend, and since Monday I’ve lost 3 lbs. already.
I need to lose another 10-15 lbs. If it works and nothing bad happens, I’ll let you know where to get them.
Aside from losing appetite, I’ve lost desire to shop. Yesterday and today I’ve had writer’s block.
So you also lose zest for all the other things you love to do. At least I did.

Are there side effects?
For the first two days I felt like a truck ran over me. I was sweating buckets and felt so tired even without a workout. I was just strolling in the mall. I had to sit down and eat when I felt weak.
The next two days were better. I felt hungry but have had no cravings.
No Coke, no ice cream, and today no rice.
This morning I felt a bit of palpitations. Nothing scary, just a little bit. If it happens again, I’ll quit.

I feel no depression and I’m not cranky.
I do feel sleepy at odd hours and have been sleeping before midnight and waking up in the middle of the night.
I do not recommend this to working women and especially not to lactating women.
Since I work at home I can sweat and lie down whenever I need to.
At home I can always have something to eat whenever I feel hungry or weak. I basically eat because I have to even though I don’t enjoy food right now.
So I guess that’s it. I’ll be back to regular programming tomorrow and write more entries.
As for now, I’m already in bed.

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