Paris and Manny and Kim Hyun Joong
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Ines Cabarrus

The best thing about media-savvy Paris Hilton leaving Manila is the Manny Pacquiao tee she so graciously wore on her flight going home.
I wonder if this shirt really comes in a size 0 or if they had altered it to fit her.


The best Paris Hilton quote was when she asked to be taken to “The Office”. And I quote:

At the welcome dinner hosted by the Paquiaos last Tuesday night, Hilton, who confirmed her breakup with nightlife entrepreneur Cy Waits last June, spoke with Belo scion Cristalle Henares.
“We were chatting in the bathroom,” Henares says, “and she kept fixing her hair.”
The heiress was in the mood to party and asking Henares about local hotspots. “She kept saying, ‘I wanna go to the Office,’” Henares recalls with a laugh. “I told her, ‘I think you mean Opus, not Office.’”  (Source)

When asked who told her about “The Office”, Paris reportedly said Manny Pacquiao suggested she go to the happening place.


She was also supposedly looking for hot guys in Manila, in which case you might have to take her to a football or rugby game (read: hot guys minus the net worth of Stavros Niarchos or Paris Latsis).

Jake Robrigado Letts
Jake Letts for Bench Body

One wonders what Paris did with all the gifts given to her, which included someone’s framed grad picture and baro’t saya (whut??).
This reminds me of a certain local celeb who gifted the Taiwanese stars of Meteor Garden with bakya or locally made wooden shoes. Or when Kuya Germs gave Angela Boffil a can of “Birts Tree Milk Powder” (It’s everybody’s melk).


When gifting foreign celebs, one must take into consideration that these people are traveling and are not likely to take home all your stuffed toys, heavy local magazines and wooden shoes. Especially if they’re ON TOUR.
Another thing that makes me cringe when foreign celebs visit, are the questions guaranteed to be asked at local press cons, such as:
1) Have you tried Filipino food/balut/dinuguan?
2) How do you find Filipino women/men? (As if they would respond negatively)
3) The worst: how do you find Philippine fashion?
4) Cliché: How do you like Manny Pacquiao?
5) Have you met Charice?

Charice, Paris, Buble & Yolanda - Leeza Gibbons Oscar Night

Why not ask: How do you find our international airport (NAIA)?
People, surely there must be other questions to ask without pertaining to the Philippines.

On Friday, I am so looking forward to meeting Kim Hyun Joong for The Face Shop.

Kim Hyun Joong

Rest assured I will not be asking any of those questions and have discouraged my dear cousin Keri from bringing a memorable gift.
Keri: “I want to give Kim Hyun Joong a present. What can I give him so he will never forget me?”
Me: “Keri, give him danggit or Goldilocks dinuguan. Trust me, he will never forget you.”


People, I am just kidding. Don’t take everything you read here seriously.

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