Pretty in Pink: 30 years after
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I just watched Pretty in Pink for the nth time and I still feel kilig thirty years after it first came out.
When I was growing up, Molly Ringwald was the It Girl. She wasn’t beautiful in a conventional way, but she was different. She had character and she always got the cute guy.
In Pretty in Pink she plays Andie, a cool girl from the wrong side of the tracks. She has her own fashion sense and takes care of her good-for-nothing dad (sorry).
The mean girls in school don’t like her because she’s different and doesn’t give a damn. But for some reason, all the main guys like her—from the rich, preppy asshole to the resident importunate dork.

Pretty in Pink

I first saw Pretty in Pink in 1986 during the time of my life. Funny how my feelings about the movie have changed 30 years later.

• When I was young, I thought Molly Ringwald as Andie was so chica. Sure there were a couple outfits where she really looked cute—with the hat and the boy blazers. But there are also a lot of baduy outfits in that movie, I can see that now. You be the judge.

Pretty in Pink

• Thirty years ago, I had a feeling her pink prom dress baduy, but nobody dared say it then! Now it’s OK to say it: that was one fugly dress!! And to think that the whole point of the movie was about the pink prom dress!

Pretty In Pink

I still, however, get a giddy feeling when she makes the prom dress to the tune of Thieves Like Us by New Order. Brings me back to the ’80s when I also made my own clothes.

• I have new feelings about the boys. Back in 1986, I thought James Spader (L) was hot, but now I think Andrew McCarthy (R) is much cuter!!!

James spader andew mc carthy

• I also really liked Jon Cryer as Duckie when I was younger. All I wanted was for a cute, fasyon guy to be completely nuts about me, like he was for Andie in the movie. Now I think he’s just a dork.

Jon Cryer

• I also thought Andie’s friend Iona in the movie was cool. Now I find her baduy 🙁

Annie Potts

• Did you know they had to reshoot the ending? The original script had Andie ending up with Duckie at the prom, but the preview audience hated it, so they had to reshoot it to make her end up with Blane (Andrew McCarthy). Unfortunately Andrew McCarthy already had a different hairstyle at that time, so they had to put him in an ugly wig.
Watch the new ending and wig here:

PS. When this movie first came out, I didn’t quite understand how this computer scene happened because Internet didn’t even exist then. I thought this was impossible. This was high tech back then!

The ’80s were so wonderful and I sound like an old lady living in the past. I will never get over the ’80s, and you just won’t understand unless you were there. This song sums up the feeling. I really thank God I was there.

When Manny Pangilinan met Mark Zuckerberg
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PLDT chairman and CEO Manny V. Pangilinan recently met with Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California to discuss ways of strengthening the partnership between Smart and Facebook.


Because of its partnership with Facebook, Smart was the first telco in Southeast Asia to roll out Free Basics, a service that made mobile Internet available to two-thirds of the world who were not yet connected. The service is now available to more than 30 countries.

Since March 2015, millions of Smart users have enjoyed Free Basics, which allows them to keep in touch with their loved ones, search information, learn from educational sites, seek jobs and check the news and weather, among many others, without additional cost.

Smart and Facebook also introduced Free Facebook Toggle and Free Instagram, leading to a surge in the number of online users, who are now more empowered than ever to live the “Smart Life” with access to innovations and the widest breadth of digital content.

Pangilinan recently took part in a series of engagements with Silicon Valley leaders and partners, which comes amid the PLDT Group’s rapid transformation as the country’s leading digital company.

MEETING OF MINDS: Facebook CEO and Founder Mark Zuckerberg and PLDT-Smart Chair and CEO Manny V. Pangilinan with the PLDT-Smart Leadership team led by Wireless Consumer Operations Head Katrina Luna-Abelarde (second from left); PLDT Home Operations Head Oscar A. Reyes, Jr. (third) and EVP and Consumer Business Head at PLDT and Smart Ariel P. Fermin (seventh) at the new Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park in California.

Who’s leading after the Vice Presidential debate?
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Yesterday, after the Vice Presidential debate on CNN, Philippines, I tweeted this
quick poll
and got these results:


I am surprised with the emergence of BongBong Marcos and Leni Robredo in a virtual tie.
Someone please explain to me why Bongbong Marcos is so popular? Did not expect it.
Compare with poll results after the Presidential debate last March 23.

Presidential poll

Interesting to note that even though my poll is so small, I get the same kind of feedback when I talk to people outside—from drivers, to office workers, mall employees, etc.
Can’t wait for the next debate!
You can still participate in the poll HERE.

Dinner: La Cocina de Tita Moning (Part 5)
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First, let me show you the girls’ dressing room.
It was quite apparent from the things we saw, that the Legarda family was quite wealthy, much wealthier than most Filipinos at the time.
Two of their daughters studied ballet and had beautiful portraits around the house—quite unlike the generic ballerina pics we’ve ever seen. Theirs were so elegant—just look at this beautiful frame and costume.

La Cocina de Tita Moning

I’m simply amazed how they kept everything intact.

La Cocina de Tita Moning

At last it was time for dinner.
Back in the day, Don Alejandro used this gong to summon his children to the dinner table, instead of the maid yelling out, “KAIN NAAAA!”

La Cocina de Tita Moning

My stomach turned once again when I saw the production number they had made out of the table setting

La Cocina de Tita Moning

It was just a sensory overload—with the printed table cloth, leaves, petals, candles, scrolls, plates, glasses, cutlery, and a glass bird sculpture on the table.

La Cocina de Tita Moning

As a minimalist, I am simply not used to this.
I wanted to call someone to remove all the “junk” on the table.

La Cocina de Tita Moning

After all the things I had seen and smelled, I was just hoping for a white table cloth, napkins, and plates.
The service was excellent, with staff that were trained well for more than 40 years, but the food was not good at all. (sorry!)

I’m just grateful that the kids were well-behaved. Ben liked his salmon and ate a carpenter’s serving of rice. Markus had the unconventional sinigang with thick broth, but said he felt sick after.

Christian didn’t eat, but that’s normal. The Dutch ate politely, and so did I. But mostly I moved the food around the plate. I couldn’t wait to get out of there.
I think the best thing to order is plain salmon and plain rice. Thank God they had Coke.
The paella tasted a bit off, I don’t know why.

No butter in this Chicken a la Kiev. Just spinach and goat cheese.

La Cocina de Tita Moning

If you look around the internet, you will probably not see any bad review about them. But if you talk to people who have been there, most of them will say the food is bad. And that is the truth.
With all due respect, I feel it’s OK to write this now, because they are finally closing end of May.

La Cocina de Tita Moning

Do visit if you want, but don’t expect too much, food-wise. Our bill for eight people was more than Php 14,000.
(To be concluded)