Mark Nicdao and BJ Pascual shoot ad campaigns using Samsung phones
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As a blogger, I never leave home without a camera. I don’t feel complete without one, especially when I’m traveling. Now that camera phones have been invented, it’s a good think I’ll always have a backup whenever my camera’s battery dies unexpectedly.
Camera phones have improved so much that the pictures they take are good enough for blogging.

I’ve been a Samsung phone user ever since the first Galaxy Note was introduced. Right now I carry two Samsungs—a Note 4 and an S6 Edge Plus.
The most recent Samsung phone to come out is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, which they recently launched at the Green Sun Hotel.

Samsung event at Green Sun

What sets it aside from all other camera phones is its ability to take great pictures in the dark and underwater. Plus, you can use it with the Samsung Gear VR.

Samsung S7 and Edge

To prove its versatility, Samsung Philippines called on two of the country’s top fashion photographers to create ad campaigns using only a camera phone.
To demonstrate its lowlight capability, BJ Pascual photographed Georgina Wilson in a Patrick Nagel-inspired set and the theme “Own The Night”.

Georgina Wilson in Own the Night by BJ Pascual_1
Georgina Wilson owns the night

Patrick Nagel
Art by Patrick Nagel

BJ Pascual
BJ Pascual

Mark Nicdao tested the phone’s underwater capacity by shooting Solenn Heussaff underwater with the theme “Into The Blue.”

Solenn Heussaff in Into The Blue by Mark Nicdao_1
Solenn Heussaff: Into The Blue

Solenn Heussaff in Into The Blue by Mark Nicdao_6

“I was both hesitant and thrilled when I was first offered the project,” said Mark. “First, I haven’t done an underwater shoot, and second, I’ve never done a fashion shoot with just a smartphone. Combining the both was a real challenge.”

Mark Nicdao
Mark Nicdao

With these awe-inspiring stunts, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has make us rethink what a phone can do.
To know more about the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, click HERE.

Are checkered shirts a thing in Davao?
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When Erap was President, I remember everyone in his inner circle wearing jackets. I mean jackets were his thing.

Erap in jacket
Erap in jacket
Erap in jacket

As an avid Duterte watcher, I couldn’t help but notice the incoming President’s preference for checkered shirts.

Duterte in checks
Duterte in checks
Duterte in checks
Duterte in checks
Duterte in checks

I also noticed that his spokesperson Peter Laviña often wears checkered shirts.

Peter Laviña in checks
Peter Laviña in checks

Which led me to wonder: Are checkered shirts a thing in Davao???
Luckily, my friend Grace has Davao friends who explained:
“Checkered shirts are really a thing in Davao—preferably in red. My dad has lots. I think it’s because of all the Wrangler overruns sold in Gaisano. It’s a cowboy thing. Pag formal, naka tuck-in yung checkered shirt. Wearing a red checkered shirt in Davao means ‘This is a formal engagement!'”

So I guess change is coming to Malacañang. Instead of yellow gowns and barong Tagalogs, will we be seeing more checks at the Palace?
Bongbong and Chiz wouldn’t mind—just in case they are invited.

Bongbong in checks
Chiz in checks

Join! @chuvaness back to school giveaway
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Hello!! Sorry for my long absence. I was in Tokyo for almost two weeks and I am so tired, I can’t tell you, being a yaya to my kids. The upside: I lost 1 lb. I didn’t gain!! Not with eating beef and rice everyday with Coke! I’m so happy.
I have so many things to say, but so tired, so for now, let me start my comeback with a a back to school giveaway, a total of 10 prizes.
First: there will be five boxes filled with Oishi’s newest snacks

chuvaness giveaway

It includes:
• Fishda crackers (like fish kropek)
• The hubby’s favorite—veggie-based hot and spicy Pea Pow
• Caramel and cheese popcorn
• and Oishi cutest notepad set

chuvaness giveaway
chuvaness giveaway
chuvaness giveaway

Also giving away five lunch bags with limited edition Chuva charms by Tickles.

chuvaness giveaway
chuvaness giveaway

What’s inside:
• Eight Alden Richards notebooks by Sterling, available at National Bookstore

chuvaness giveaway

• Oishi notepad set, writing kit from National Bookstore, and a random coinpurse

chuvaness giveaway
chuvaness giveaway

How to join:
1) You must have a Philippine shipping/delivery address.
2) Please share this entry through Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Please tag me!
3) Register HERE. Please register ONCE only.

Ten winners will be chosen.
Each winner will get either one lunch box or one snack box.
Contest runs from May 11 to 16 only.
Winners will be chosen electronically via
Winners will be announced on this blog, Twitter @chuvaness, and Facebook.

Best political ad 2016: Roman Romulo para sa Senado
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Hello from Tokyo! I’m here on holidays with my family until May 10.
That means I’ll be missing the Philippine presidential elections for the first time.
Last May 2010, I wasn’t allowed to vote in San Juan, when I found out I was disenfranchised along with other members of the Zamora family. So I switched to Pasig—because San Juan needs change!!
Unfortunately I won’t be able to vote this time around, but I’ll be praying for peaceful and honest results.

Six years ago the strongest political ads were for Noynoy Aquino. Even if I wasn’t for him, it just felt like a winner. Remember this one? People were so tired of GMA and Erap corruption, this simple, positive ad was just spot on.

This time around, all the ads are corny. Except for this one ad from Roman Romulo which stands out because at first it seems hackneyed and typical, but then the unexpected happens.

Working on a limited budget, the ad was created by Roman Romulo’s brother Erwin and his friend, director Lyle Sacris.
The objective was to talk about the mechanics of the law while raising awareness for Senatorial candidate, Roman Romulo, who has authored a number of bills, including the Iskolar ng Bayan Law.

“Erwin and I have worked together since we began our careers in film,” said Lyle Sacris. “We’ve done a couple of movies and other projects. For anything we’ve ever done, it’s always important to have fun, especially when you don’t have money.
So we gathered a few friends like Fabo and Mihk to develop the story. I presented a rough storyboard to Roman and his wife Shalani and they approved it!
When I got to the set though I threw away the board and basically winged it.
We didn’t have a lot of resources, so Fabo acted as the driver and the assistant director Chris portrayed the son, which allowed us more room for improvisation.
We also had a lot of help from Team Destroyer who did the project pro-bono because it was something they believed in and wanted to do.
The coolest memory of the shoot though was having the Romula family watching the whole day, hanging out for support. Roman’s dad, Sec. Romulo was asking all sorts of questions about he equipment. Also trying to get Roman to say his lines—something he’s not used to doing—was a challenge for both of us.
All in all, it was fun, like the kind of independent productions I started my career with. In a sense I’ve never really outgrown that. On my better days, I hope I never will.”