Anya Resort brings luxury boutique hotel living to Tagaytay
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Finally, a chuva-approved hotel opens in Tagaytay.
And by that, I mean a place I could actually stay in because it has modern bathrooms with clean lines. For me, bathrooms are everything. If I’m not comfortable in my hotel bathroom, I’d rather stay home.
There is seriously a lack of chuva-approved hotels in the Philippines, that’s why I was very excited when I learned about Anya Resort from my friend Alexei Villaraza, who arranged a special tour for us.

Anya Resort

Anya Resort opened last July 2017, and is just one of three Philippine hotels included in the exclusive Small Luxury Hotels of the World. It is managed by Anya Hospitality Corp.—a partnership between Roxaco Land and Fuego Hotels.

Anya Resort

We drove to Tagaytay on a Tuesday morning, 11 AM and got there around 1 PM. Not bad.
You drive through this bamboo-lined road

Anya Resort

and arrive at this resort

Anya Resort

Frankly, I was shocked at the security we had to deal with. The gated community is heavily guarded so if safety and security are your concerns, then you’ll be happy there.

Anya Resort

Exclusivity, privacy, and space are at the core of the Anya philosophy, said Joe Escalambre, Sales Director at Anya Resort & Residences who welcomed us upon arrival.

Anya Resort
Joe Escalambre with General Manager Peter D’souza

There are 88 rooms distributed over eleven two-storey blocks.

Anya Resort

From the main building, which houses the reception area, three restaurants, and two function rooms, you can walk to your room or take a golf cart.

Anya Resort

The hotel was busy when we arrived. There was a large group from Max’s, I saw my friend Mark de Joya, and cute couple Audee and Kristel Villaraza, who were just checking out.

Anya Resort

“What we loved most were the little surprises. The resort knew I was celebrating my birthday, and they made is feel special was through small, repeated surprises,” he shared.
“Normally, resorts have a standard 2 PM check-in time. Anya does not practice this. You can check-in and check-out anytime through your Lifestyle Assistant. We arrived at 9:30 AM and it was great knowing we still had a fully day to enjoy the amenities.”
“There was a security personnel standing outside of our suite the entire time. At first, we found this odd, but seeing a security detail whenever we would step out gave us a good sense of safety. He didn’t follow us. He just guarded the perimeter area,” said Audee.

Anya Resort
The lobby

Anya Resort

Units at Anya Resort have been sold to investors from Php 11 million for a studio to Php 21 million for a one-bedroom. The rooms are enrolled in a lease-back program where they are rented out as hotel rooms. Right now, they have a special rate ranging from Php 5,200-Php 6,900.
Joe gave us a tour of the two room types.
The one bedroom (101 to 127 square meters) has a living room and kitchenette

Anya Resort
Anya Resort

and a spacious bathroom

Anya Resort
Anya Resort

The studio is 49 square meters and has either one king-sized or two double beds, plus a daybed for a third guest.

Anya Resort
Anya Resort

Plus the beautiful bathroom

Anya Resort

The rooms also have balconies and terraces.
Next we toured the three dining outlets.
Heading Anya Resort’s food and beverage department is Relais and Chateau-recognized chef Emmanuel Stroobant, who writes books, appears on TV, and owns restaurants in Singapore.

Samira is the all-day dining restaurant while Anila is a cafe and wine bar.

Anya Resort

Amra is a deli that serves pizza, pasta and sandwiches that you can enjoy by the poolside.

Anya Resort
Photo: Audee Villaraza
Photo: Audee Villaraza

Personalized service is also at the heart of the Anya Resort brand. There are Lifestyle Assistants who can make arrangements for guests before and during their stay. For example, they can tailor activities for you and your kids. If the kids want to go swimming, the Lifestyle Assistants can arrange a day trip to Punta Fuego. The resort also has a heated pool.

Anya Resort

Photo: Audee Villaraza
Photo: Audee Villaraza

I asked about Internet and cable TV because kids will not go anywhere without Wifi. I am happy to report that Anya Resort has both. For older people, there’s a spa.

Anya Resort

Anya Resort

Anya Resort represents the second phase of the 7.2-hectare Anya Resort & Residences development in Tagaytay City. The first phase comprises residential lots, which the owners can develop in accordance with three different house designs. The third phase will offer 134 residential units in 10 low-rise condominiums.

Anya Resort

P.S. If you’re bringing a driver, Anya can help you arrange his accommodation at a nearby lodging for Php1,000 per person/per night, inclusive of two meals.

Finally, a chuva-approved hotel in Tagaytay. If only one would open up in Baguio, that would be perfect.
Universe, make it happen!

Anya Resort is at Buenavista Hills Road, Barangay Mag-asawang Ilat, Tagaytay City
Manila (632) 657.1640
Cavite (046) 419.8040
Hotline (0998) 577.9999


For more information or reservations, go to

Kian’s death is bothering me
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I first heard it from my hairstylist: a grade 11 boy was framed and killed for peddling drugs. His name is Kian de los Santos.
I keep seeing his name on Twitter. Everybody is angry and we have yet to hear from the President. I want to see the President denounce it on TV, say that it was wrong and it needs to stop.
I believe Kian is innocent, but even if he weren’t, does the kid deserve to die?

I have a son in the 11th grade.
I’ve been so bothered by it that I had to remove Twitter from my phone.
The last time I got really affected was when I saw this picture taken by Raffy Lerma last July 2016.
You can read about the death of Michael Siaron HERE.


The photo haunted me for nights. I couldn’t sleep. Whenever I would talk about it with my husband, he didn’t want to have any of it. It bothered him so much.
I couldn’t stop thinking of it—of her—so I contacted Raffy Lerma on Instagram where I follow him.
I told Raffy I wanted to meet the widow Jennilyn Olayres.

A few days later I received a text from Jennilyn and asked my friend Dinna to come with me to the province to meet her.
We drove to a far away SM Mall and waited at the food court. Then Jennilyn texted me she was already there. I found her with her pregnant sister-in-law and my first instinct was to hug her and cry. She hugged me really hard but did not cry.

We sat at the food court, though nobody was hungry. She told me her story with Michael. They were not married, but they lived together and she loved him. He was a drug user but he didn’t harm anyone but himself.
It was close to midnight when it started raining cats and dogs. He decided to take his father-in-law’s sidecar since people took more rides when it was raining. He figured he could make a few bucks.

Before leaving Jennilyn at home, he gave her his last 80 pesos so she could have something to eat.
Not too long after there was a commotion in the neighborhood. She heard something had happened to Michael. At first she thought he had a vehicular accident. She ran out, and when she got to the crime scene, the place was filled with onlookers, police, photographers and cameras.
At first they wouldn’t let her across the cordon, but she fought her way in.
“Ako ang asawa!” she yelled at them.

She found his body, cradled it and cried for help but nobody took them to the hospital. She thought he still had a chance but he was already dead.
Dinna asked why her leg was around his body. She said she was trying to cover him because they kept taking photos.
I cried while she told me the story. It felt like she was the one comforting me.
I wanted to see her because I wanted to give her some money to help her get by, even for a few weeks. She accepted it, then we hugged and said goodbye.
I have not seen her since. Her entire family and many neighbors have fled the city because they are scared to die.

Now Kian is dead.
This afternoon I was walking in the mall with Dinna and I told her the world is changing—can you feel it? Even my life is painful. You can feel it in the air. It is so thick. I cannot take it.
I decided to disable Twitter on my phone. I cannot take the world right now with the Andy Bautista and UBER, Charlottesville, Barcelona, Trump and the massacre in Bulacan.
I can feel everything even though I am mostly at home.

I don’t really know what is going on in the world. I am freaking out and I want to clear my head.
I didn’t vote last May 2016 because I didn’t think anyone was worth voting for.
Knowing our President, he’s not going to do something about Kian and I cannot take it. Something is very wrong with the world. I don’t know what to do except pray.

Get your Gelatofix at the Fort
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Not too long ago I was having a conversation with a well-known dessert chef, who lamented the lack of dessert places in the country. He said dessert restaurants are really popular in Australia, while over here, Filipinos are afraid of desserts and prefer to split an order amongst themselves.
True enough, when my friends and I go out to lunch or dinner, we usually get stuck in the same place or perhaps move to another place for coffee.

Dessert lovers will be pleased to know a new place has opened at the Fort.
Gelatofix, a restaurant concept from Singapore, specializes in gelato or Italian ice cream.
Gelato is made fresh every day with ingredients such as chocolate, avocado, pistachio, strawberries and mangoes. There are 16 flavors every day.
Among my favorites are Salted Caramello, Caffe Italia, and Fior di Latte (a must-try!).


But it’s not just a dessert place. It offers savory and sweet dishes with gelato incorporated into some of them. For instance, the Garden of Passion salad consists of greens and a scoop of Fior di Latte gelato, which they let us try during the grand opening.

ice cream salad

“Gelato is at the heart of Gelatofix. We want to offer the full Italian gelato experience. It’s not just a place where you can get scoops of gelato. If you look at our menu, gelato is everywhere. That’s what makes us different,” said Von Lacorte, Director at Gelatofix Philippines.


Gelatofix’s philosophy is to give everyone a place where they can “hang their hats,” which is the Italian way of saying “take a break.”

Kryz Uy
With blogger Kryz Uy at the opening

Gelatofix’s gelato was created by two of the world’s top gelato chefs—Gelato World Cup Champion Master Chef Filippo Novelli and Gelatofix Master Chef David Chang—who are also behind the cafe’s over the top gelato creations.

“We only use the most natural ingredients. We are known for having the smoothest and creamiest Italian gelato,” said Wilson Lim, Executive Director, International Business for Singapore’s Commonwealth Capital Group.

Wilson Lee
Wilson Lim flew in from Singapore for the opening of the BGC store

Gelatofix is particularly proud of Novelli’s Gelato Sushi, an ingenious mix of oil, gelato, and other flavors.

sushi ice cream

Another signature Gelatofix creation is the Magic Boxx, made of two cuts of toasted bread.
The first toast layer has buttery cubes of bread and mangoes topped with Boston creme, while the second box is filled with Gelatofix’s warm chocolate sauce.
On the side is a bowl with two scoops of gelato and fruits. Perfect for sharing!

Mango Toast (Magic Boxx)

Gelatofix also serves soups, main dishes and beverages, like Spaghetti Prawn Apricot, Risotto Al Funghi, Barbecue Ribs, Beef Pot Roast, Crispy Pork Belly, Rosemary Chicken and Bangus Belly served with rice and egg.


bangus belly
Bangus Belly

At Gelatofix, gelato is included or infused in many of the dishes and drinks, including the frappes, tarts and biscuit plates.


Choc Biscuit Piatti 2

Lacorte said Gelatofix Philippines will open one more cafe this year and five next year. Abroad, Gelatofix has locations in Cambodia, Kuwait, Maldives and Qatar.
Gelatofix is at BGC Corporate Center, 30th Corner 11th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.
To know more, follow them on or Instagram @gelatofixphilippines

Winners: Chuva’s gadget giveaway
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Happy Saturday!
I’m about to choose three winners via
There were 465 entries to my latest giveaway.

Here are the three winners:
Cyrus Tabilin of Sto. Tomas, Pangasinan
Jerry Culala of Bago Bantay Quezon City
Ryan Bautista of Sta. Cruz, Manila

Wow, I’m amazed! Three male winners!
Each one will get prizes featured HERE.


Thank you all for downloading my app!!


Winners, please check your email to verify your shipping address. Thanks for joining.
Till next time 🙂