Advertiser makes a stand on Willing Willie
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Fastfood chain suspends ads on ‘Willing Willie’
By Karen Boncocan

MANILA, Philippines—(UPDATE) Jollibee Foods Corporation is suspending ad placement on TV5 game show “Willing Willie” amid a child abuse controversy, its media office said.
“Mang Inasal will be holding off ad placements from ‘Willing Willie’ this week,” the JFC Corporate Media announced Saturday on its Facebook page.
The announcement came as the drive to boycott products of the top-rating show’s advertisers gains support on various social media sites.
In a letter sent to Froilan Grate of Facebook group Para Kay Jan-jan (Shame on you Willie Revillame), JFC media representative Pauline Lao said the giant food conglomerate was “aware of the issues and the various sentiments raised” following the show’s March 12 episode, which featured a macho dancing six-year-old boy.
Lao said the corporation, which packages itself as family friendly, was keeping tabs on TV5’s investigation, stressing that it “remains committed to upholding the welfare of children.”
“We trust that the appropriate and expert institutions will also respond and look into this matter with urgency,” the JFC official said.
The boy, a contestant in the game show, was seen in tears as he was repeatedly egged on to simulate a striptease to the delight of program host Willie Revillame and the studio audience. It caused uproar on the Internet.
The government condemned the episode, with the Commission on Human Rights saying it was studying the possibility of filing legal charges against those responsible for the “child abuse.”
The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board has said it received numerous complaints after seeing the show and would review the episode for appropriate action.
Social Welfare Secretary castigated the fast-rising broadcast station and Revillame for making the young contestant from a poor family to “gyrate distastefully” in exchange for P10,000 in prize money.
On Thursday, activist lawyer Ipat Luna reminded advertisers that they play a crucial role in “shaping the national soul” and urged them to “pull out of Willie’s show as a first step.”
“If poverty is the excuse for losing one’s dignity, I think companies like yours are in the best position to show that dignity can be had despite poverty and Willie’s show flies in the face of that possibility,” she said in her letter to the companies.
Oishi responded to Luna’s letter, describing the incident as “regretful,” and added that “we hope [this] will not happen again.”
“While we, as advertisers, do not control the actual execution and their artists during the show, we also want to do our part to avoid these unfortunate incidents,” Oishi said. The snack firm also said it was reviewing possible actions which “can yield actual, positive results.”
On Wednesday, TV5 television network said it was conducting a “thorough investigation” of the incident.

More shopping is a good thing
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Air France and KLM have a new baggage policy effective from 1 April 2011.


New baggage allowance is introduced
First Class: 3 pieces of 32kg each
Business Class: 2 pieces of 32kg each
Premium Voyageur / Alize / Premium Eco: 2 pieces of 23kg each
Economy Class (including Economy Comfort): 1 piece of 23kg

If you’re departing from Manila, excess baggage fees apply:
2nd baggage not exceeding 23kg: US$100
3rd baggage not exceeding 23kg: US$200
3rd baggage weighing over 23kg up to 32kg: US$200 on top of overweight fee
Heavy (overweight) piece weighing between 23 and 32 kg: US$100

I think they’re really good deals!
To know more, click here.

Morning girls
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There are certain qualities I admire very much in a person:
1) if they can get up in the morning
2) if they exercise or go to the gym
3) if they can go to Mass every Sunday
Oh, and if they can look good so early in the morning, I am in awe.
I’m not a big fan of taking the first flight to travel, but if I do, I can’t be bothered to dress up because I tend to curl up into a ball when I fly.
For that, my outfit has to be pajamic.
Take a look at magazine editor Carla Sibal’s traveling outfit in 2007, like 6 AM

Carla at PAL lounge

This was Carla and Pamela Garcia about to board the plane in 2007. So chica!!

Carla and Pam

Four years later, there’s Geolette Esguerra of Metro.
Carla, meet your traveling nemesis at 7 AM.


Yes my dears, I flew with her to Hong Kong, and I can attest she wore heels the whole day, including running with me, my luggage, and Alexei Villaraza from Central to Causeway Bay.
She is amazing like dut! In a Mich Dulce hat too!
Come to think of it, I ran around in platform shoes from 1991-1995 while I was studying at Parsons New York. I have a varicose vein to prove it. I know, TMI.
It’s hard to get away with that kind of traveling outfit, but I can tell you, Geolette did!

April 1st is Swatch Zebra Day at Rockwell
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Swatch Zebra day

What’s up with the Zebras?” I asked Tita Virgie over cheesecake at the Rockwell mall.
“Well, it’s supposed to be in fashion,” she said.

Swatch Zebra day

Must be. I’m in Hong Kong today and I’ve already spotted two different people in zebra patterns.
“Can you imagine 100 zebras at the Rockwell mall on April Fool’s Day?” she added.
On April 1st, 25 cities around the world will celebrate Swatch Zebra Day.
On Facebook, Swatch has been searching for zebra wannabes in London, Madrid and Zurich—150 in each of these cities, to be precise.
Participants will receive a free zebra “morphsuit” and a chance to win a Zebra Swatch from the Animal Collection.
In Milan, they’ve even created a tutorial video on how to do the zebra dance.

Not to be outdone, Rowell Santiago has directed five viral videos for Swatch Zebra Day in the Philippines.

On April 1st, Swatch Zebra Day will be staged in a big way at Rockwell’s Power Plant Mall, where Tita Virgie and her team have lined up activities and prizes for best-dressed guests who come in zebra, striped and neon outfits.

Swatch Zebra day

She is also threatening to bring a giant zebra or two to the mall but no worries — they’re not real.
On the same day, Swatch opens its new pop-up store on the second level.
Come at 5:30 PM to join in the fun.

Swatch Zebra day

Did you know that every Friday is Sartorial Day at the mall?
One hundred best-dressed guests who have their pictures taken at the ZebrArt Studio on the 2nd level will get fun and exciting prizes.
Lucky winners will either get a Swatch watch, a Zebra morphsuit, Zebra carousel or two Rockwell Cinema movie passes.

Swatch Zebra day

Here’s another cool way to win a Swatch watch:
Using your phone or camera, find the human zebras and take a picture of them at five Swatch color stations all over the mall:
1) By the piano or jeepney at the Concourse or Food Hall
2) By the big zebra at the North Wing, 2nd level
3) Look for zebras playing “Charades” on the 2nd or 3rd levels
4) At the Swatch Pop-Up Store, 2nd level
5) And the cinema, 3rd level
Upon completion, take your camera or phone and show your pictures at the event site located at the Archaeology Main Hall to claim your prize.
First 20 to complete the challenge win!

Swatch Zebras

Now here are the five winners of the Swatch Zebra giveaway on Twitter:
1) @wenggurl19
2) @origamidreamer
3) @mprrortega
4) @fijae15
5) @iamnotzara
Please print out your confirmation email from me, take this to the Swatch Pop-Up store at Rockwell between 5:30-6:30 PM to claim your Swatches.
Be there on April 1st!