Veet Me video contest extended
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Leading depilatory brand Veet extends its 2011 campaign “Veet Me” to April 30, 2011, giving more hopefuls the chance to win an Apple iPad and a date with hunky Brazilian Japanese model Daniel Matsunaga.

Look 07

Promo is open to Filipina women 18 years and above who upload a video or photo story on .
Entries should demonstrate the use of VEET products on the legs.


Runners-up will receive an iPod touch, an iPod nano, iPod shuffles and Veet gift packs.
For more details or to vote for your top Veet Me entry, go to .
Promo runs until April 30, 2011.

Cuteness overload
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Stop me! I’m about to order this useless object, the Post-it Pop-up Purse Dispenser

Post-It bag
It comes with a matching Scotch tape holder stilleto
Shoe tape dispenser
which also comes in red (medyo baduy lang ang style)
Scotch Tape shoe
Add these to the donut Scotch tape dispensers I already have in my possession, and I’m all set!

Donut scotch tape dispensers

Available at

Park Lane: The ‘hood
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HONG KONG—This time around, I stayed at the Park Lane Hotel in Causeway Bay because I knew I only had one full day to shop.
Causeway is a place where shops close really late, like Ikea closes at 10:30 PM.
I’ve stayed at the Park Lane a couple of times before, and the trick is to get a room on the Executive Floor because some of the rooms on the lower floor are old.
Love this room.

Park Lane Hotel

Right underneath Park Lane is the dreamiest store in the world. If I could marry a store, I would marry Initial.


And right underneath Initial is the wasteland known as Ikea.

Ikea at Causeway Bay

Perchance to dream

I like this dresser very much

Or have my favorite snack: fresh orange juice and Swedish meatballs to eat while standing, or to go

Ikea food
Ikea meatballs

Also underneath the hotel is a deadly Häagen-Dazs store which had this promo

Buy 1 Get 1 at Haagen-Dazs

So James, Jiki and I shared four double scoops

Four cups of Haagen-Dazs ice cream

Other nearby stops are the Sogo wasteland on the 6th floor


The City Super wasteland on Times Square

City Super wasteland

Plus Din Tai Fung at 68 Yee Wo Street, Causeway Bay.
Meet my partners in dimsum: James, Jiki

My partners in dimsum: James and Jiki

and Omar

Omar Khan

My favorite dimsum with sticky rice

Din Tai Fung again!

and soupy xiao long bao

Din Tai Fung

So yes I gained one lb. and I would do it again. I had fun!

Best pen ever! Pentel Vicuña
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In the animal world, vicuñas are extremely slender creatures, with long skinny limbs and neck, usually found in Chile.
They have small, wedge-shaped heads and small triangular ears.

Vicunas are cute!

Stationery-wise, Pentel Vicuñas are the best pens ever.
Found them at Hong Kong’s City Super in Times Square and I am in love. If I could marry a pen this would be it!


They come in different colors, tube-wise, but inside they’re all black ink.
Doesn’t matter. I bought all colors in .7mm.


Seriously the best pen ever.


As you can see in this video, it glides like a skater on ice.