I’m nahihilo
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Four years ago I stuck these Detoxx plasters on my feet and I remember feeling like a truck ran over me the next day.
I also lost two pounds overnight.

Toxins under my foot

Last night I found a box of Detoxx pads while cleaning my side table and decided to put them on, knowing that some people say the product is a sham.

Detoxx pads

My legs started to ache and feel warm. I had to sleep pant-less. I even had a dream about having difficulty climbing stairs because my legs just felt so heavy. I woke up feeling OK, but this afternoon I started feeling dizzy and couldn’t think why.
Then I remembered the Detoxx pads. I did not lose 2 lbs. unfortunately. I would like to put them on again to see what happens, but tomorrow is a busy day and I need my energy.

My eggs need your votes!
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While waiting for the Royal Wedding and my upcoming birthday, please vote for my eggs!

My egg

I don’t need gifts! Please vote for my eggs to benefit the lolas of Marawoy, Lipa City, Batangas.
They need to raise Php 500,000 to build a water pump for their facility.
If I win, Php 100,000 will go towards their water supply.
I will double the amount that I win, and add the Php 10,000 donation of Enjoy Cards.

The old folks of Lipa

1) To vote, you must have a Facebook account.
2) Go to Eastwood City and Newport City‘s Facebook pages and like the pages.
3) Then like my egg here.
4) And like my egg here.
5) 1 Like = 1 Vote.
As of this posting, I am at number 3 already.

Screen shot 2011-04-29 at 1.20.56 PM

I know it’s a long shot, being up against Tim and Divine’s fan base, so please help me get my votes up until May 12.
Thank you!
P.S. Please make sure you vote for my eggs on both sites, kasi sayang ang votes!