I am almost good to go
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I’m still updating on because I’m not yet ready to launch this site.
Tomorrow I have to see Mark and Yodel because I really want to fix the comments section.
Thank God the IP and Twitter problems are fixed, thanks to Van!
Does the banner bother you? You can stop it from moving by pressing the right arrow (I want to remove the left arrow; it’s unnecessary).
Hope you can get used to the left-side bar because we put tons of work on the design even though it looks so simple.
The reason why we moved here after all is because of the sponsors.
Thanks for your comments so far.

New here!
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It took me seven months to get here!
In June, I started to meet up with all kinds of web geeks and designers in order to get out of Livejournal and move into my own domain.
That’s because sometime last year, someone tried to sabotage me and report to LJ that I was posting ads on my site.
LJ suspended me for about six hours. At that point I was ready to give up blogging—after 3,000 entries and six years of work.
But God was on my side, I prayed and my blog was back up in the morning.
Jeroen and I decided that in order for my blog to generate income, I would have to take my business elsewhere.
That leads to this site and there are tons to thank—in no particular order:

Thanks to Daphne Paez for believing in me and gifting me on my birthday.
To Mich Dulce who got me started on Livejournal and Lia Bulaong for inviting me.
Ria Vallesteros and Lauren Dado, who inspired me to start blogging in 2000.

On the design front, I have to thank Takatoshi Kimachi and Jason Jaring of Golden Eye Creative for designing the first drafts of this blog.
AJ Dimarucot for the wonderful logo!
Gerome Vizmanos and César Perrin of nHaus for hours of work and guidance;
Van Porciuncula of LIbelle Creative for doing a lot of the back-end work.
For bringing everything to life, huge thanks to Yodel Pe and Mark Bautista of Kuni Philippines.

Thanks to the continued support of Bench, Stratworks, HP, Jollibee, Visions & Expressions, Stores Specialists Inc., Manprom, Sky Broadband, Bayantel, Globe Telecom, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Kamiseta, Tita Virgie Ramos of Swatch, Tickles, Pepper Lunch, Air & Odor Management; Millet Mananquil and the Philippine Star’s On The Radar team, including Jojo Gamboa; Supreme, Samsung and Preview for honoring me with awards; and to Spark, Homestyle and Plant magazines for putting a shy girl on their covers.

Finally, I am grateful to my cheering squad—Jeroen van Straten and my entire household, my Dad and the Thursday group, Grace Velasco, Jude Mancuyas, Jay Abalos, Keri Zamora, Ana Zamora, Kathy Moran, Ginggay dela Merced, Harold Geronimo, Pia Magalona, and Cedric Cid for their love and patience; to my readers, the Chuvaness Army, and most of all, to God for all the blessings.