Another form of child abuse
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I was telling Jeroen how we grew up watching Kuya Germs give away Birts Tree milk products, Seiko wallets, Hickock belts and more to his foreign guests like The Lettermen and Gina Lollobrigida on live TV.
And the sight of it would make me cringe, I can’t even tell you.
Even at a very young age I knew something was wrong.
So Jeroen, here’s a video of Kuya Germs giving gifts to Menudo—watch out for a young Ricky Martin—such as jackets from Fairmart, Timex watches, souvenirs from Nayong Pilipino, Goya chocolate, and freaking Nissin biscuits. (No offence to Nissin biscuits.)
But my God, what is Lani Mercado’s outfit? It looks so chica!
And Robby Rosa looks like Michael Jackson.

Birthday wish list
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My birthday is next month but I’m not saying when. I don’t wanna brag but I really get overwhelmed with all the greetings and stuff.
I do want to make a wish list cause every time I make one, most of them come true.
I really really want:
1) Fast Internet connection
2) Special rosaries from Holy places like Fatima or with images of Padre Pio, Pope John Paul II, and Divine Mercy.
3) iTunes!
4) La Prairie face cream (I know, kapal right?)
5) Prayers are always good! (And uh, world peace?)
Yun lang poe!

Patience, my dears
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Yes I know the ads are too big. I will shift the sidebar to the right and change the font. But nobody works on Sunday, so please just give me a couple of days to fix it and DON’T send me your suggestions anymore until I’ve fixed these problems.
Like I said I just moved here and trying to see what things I can do to make it cozy. 🙂

What people do for money
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I have no respect for Willie Revillame for not having the brains to stop this kind of child abuse.

In case you don’t recognize the moves, that snaky dance is what macho dancers do in local gay bars.

The kid obviously has stupid parents, but Willie should know better.
Then again Willie gets away with anything because he’s rich.
So this post is actually not going to make any difference.