Kuysen: Inspiring creativity, delivering solutions for 28 years
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Everyone knows how much I love great bathrooms. I first heard about Kuysen when they opened their first showroom in Greenbelt in 1989 and I was invited to do a collaboration with them.
When we started building our house more than 15 years ago, I came back to Kuysen as a customer.

Kuysen Enterprises was founded by Kuysen Go, who started with Tyrolit, a brand of bonded abrasives. Later on, Kuysen also brought in German manufacturing brands Hansgrohe and Duravit, and it became one of the country’s foremost authorities in bathrooms and bathroom fixtures and accessories.

When Kuysen invited us to their newest showroom at The Eton Greenbelt Residences, Legaspi Street, Makati, we were excited to discover their new offerings, such as the Zanotta mirror and Vibia Cosmos lights at the entrance.

Cecile Zamora van Straten

“Kuysen’s mandate is to bring uninterrupted elegance to the whole house,” said Kuysen Enterprises President Jensen Go.
The opening of the showroom also served as the start of Kuysen’s venture into furniture and lighting with international premium brands like Porro, Living Divani, Zanotta, Ceccotti, Baxter, Paolo Lenti and Vibia.
These bring the brands under Kuysen’s umbrella to over 30.

Kuysen’s great minds at the opening:
President Jensen Go, Design Director Marleen Go-Uyecio and Sanitec President Edison Go, together with Amelia Tagliabue, Davide Dal Bianco, Roberto Pozzoli, Marco Van Velsen, Patrick Ung, Carlo Ranieri and Gianluca Ceccotti to name a few.


Kuysen believes every item from its showroom is an investment.
Porro has an impressive selection of wood veneers for bedroom luxury and wardrobe systems. The Italian brand combines manual craftsmanship and state of the art manufacturing processes.


Living Divani has been producing sofas, armchairs, beds, bookcases, storage, carpet and outdoor furniture since the early 1970s. Its upholstery collection is what Living Divani is best known for.

living divani 01

Baxter, which is also an Italian brand, is popular for luxury leather furniture. The leather is skillfully processed and naturally treated (to retain and enhance its intrinsic qualities) by master tanners.

baxter 03

Paola Lenti, unlike the three other brands mentioned, is more colorful. The brand is known for outdoor furniture that are made from innovative materials and come in fun colors. Many pieces are made from a patented rope fashioned from special weaving techniques.

Vibia isn’t just about lighting; it’s about creating atmospheres. The Barcelona-based decorative and architectural lighting company allows its clients to customize lighting according to their needs and specifications. But the collaborative process is not mundane but more artsy. It’s a brand that is highly admired by artists, designers, design students and architects.

Vibia’s Patrick Ung flew in from Singapore for the opening

Slamp is an Italian manufacturer of modern lights with unique designs. Slamp Tube floor lamp is one of the most bought lighting fixtures. Using innovative materials such as Opalflex, Flex and Cristal Steel Flex are considered true pieces of art.

Santa & Cole is a Spanish company creates lighting ranging from indoor lighting to large street lamps. Each Santa & Cole creation is distinct. The product line includes a wide range of selections for every style and preference.

Ceccotti has over 60 years of experience in making furniture that combine luxury design with topnotch craftsmanship. Each piece from the Italian brand has a timeless look.


Zanotta tells the story of over 60 years of curiosity and experiments. With over 550 products manufactured since 1954, Zanotta has carved its own place in the extensive and discriminating world of design.

zanotta 01

Next year, Kuysen will open its five-story showroom designed by renowned architect Ed Calma. It will be a design and experience center that will give new meaning to the words “user experience.”

Visit the new Kuysen furniture showroom at the ground floor, Eton Residences, Greenbelt, Legazpi Street, Makati.
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Terrace House star in Up Dharma Down’s newest music video
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What do Japanese reality show Terrace House and Filipino band Up Dharma Down have in common?
Both have a cult following. They aren’t talked about a lot in public but you’d be surprised at the number of people who are fans of Terrace House on Netflix and Up Dharma Down and their songs.

UDD recently launched their music video for their new song Sigurado, which was directed by Nic Reyes and shot entirely in Tokyo.
The music video shows Terrace House’s Mizuki Shida in what looks like a date around Tokyo.

“Instead of a narrative, we made the video about ‘feels.’ We kept it simple and let the song shine,” said Reyes.
The team shot the music video for two days entirely in Tokyo. It’s the first time that the band members do not appear in their video.
“It’s our fifth collaboration with Nic. We can’t imagine doing a music video without him,” said UDD vocalist Armi Millare.

The band’s other members are Carlos Tanada, Ean Mayor and Paul Yap.
Up Dharma Down is known for music that speaks to the soul. Their followers range from teenagers and their not-so-young mothers because good music, they say, knows no age.
For the launch of its music video, UDD flew in Miss Shida to meet to the Philippine media.

Mizuki Shida
Mizuki Shida (left) with the members of Up Dharma Down

How was UDD able to get Shida, a barista, to agree to the shoot?
“It was Toti. He made it happen,” said Millare.
Toti is Toti Dalmacion of Terno Recordings, which manages Up Dharma Down.
Toti, a Terrace House fan, thought it would be a good idea to cast Shida in the music video and he was lucky to see her at the coffee shop in Tokyo where she worked.

Mizuki Shida

“They were very kind,” said Miss Shida of her experience. “It was very nice.”
We just had to ask Miss Shida how it felt that the three guys on Terrace House didn’t seem to see her in a romantic light.
“There were six people there: three boys and three girls. It was a very small world. There is a bigger world out here and that’s how I chose to look at it,” she said through an intepreter.

To know more about Up Dharma Down, click HERE.

Vice Cosmetics: The makeup collection that broke the Internet
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Except for CNN and ANC, I don’t really watch TV, so I didn’t know who Vice Ganda until my cousin Keri told me a story about the Taylor Swift concert in 2011, where her daughter Amanda spotted Vice Ganda with Kris Aquino, and Amanda wanted to have a photo with Vice Ganda, not Kris Aquino.
I was like, who’s Vice Ganda??
Now I know.

Vice Ganda is a popular flamboyant gay comedian and TV host who’s known for wearing outrageous costumes.
Now he’s also known as an influential business partner with the successful opening of District 8 gastro-pub in Greenhills and now Vice Cosmetics.

Vice Cosmetics

Everybody—including some makeup snobs I know—is talking about Vice Cosmetics.
With prices that fit right into the brand’s “Ganda For All” beauty philosophy, Vice Cosmetics taps into the Instagram generation’s need for lips that are perfectly lined and filled in.

Vice Cosmetics

Stocks in shelves were sold out within two hours and Vice Cosmetics own website crashed a few times due to the volume of users.
According to the brand’s US-based partners, business for Vice Cosmetics was so brisk that it caused multiple servers to crash.

The Phenomenal Lip Kits, which include a lip liner and liquid lipstick, are priced at Php 295.

Vice Cosmetics

The Good Vibes Matte Lipsticks are Php 199.

Vice Cosmetics
Vice Cosmetics

“They would, truthfully, have been priced slightly higher but Vice wanted everyone to be able to afford the lipsticks,” said Rhoda Campos (below, left), head of Business Development and Marketing at Vice Cosmetics.

Vice Cosmetics

The idea behind the products is genius. The Phenomenal Lip Kits come in eight colors ranging from browns and nudes to reds and berries. The shades are perfect for millennials. The Good Vibes Matte Lipsticks come in colors that are more age-democratic.

The lip kits come in shades which relate to Vice Ganda’s career: Pony, Benjamin, Whoops Kiri, Girly, Phenom, Star, Unicorn and Showtime.
The shades in the Good Vibes collection are even gayer and more showbiz: Ganderz, Aura, Hayabayabayu, Kering-Keri, Good Vibes, Pak Ganern, Tarush and Kavogue.

Vice Cosmetics

The clamor has been so great that Vice Cosmetics is having a “good problem.”
Rhoda admitted they underestimated demand for the lipsticks. According to sources, the lip kits are selling so fast, with most in-demand shades, Pony and Whoops Kiri.

Vice Cosmetics

Vice Cosmetics will be formally launched in a concert called “Ganda for All” at the Smart-Araneta Coliseum on October 22. Admission is free to those who purchased the lipsticks.
The collection is available at selected Watsons and SM Stores, and Vice Cosmetics kiosks at Trinoma, Farmers Plaza and Market! Market!

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Vice Cosmetics

Anne Curtis launches cosmetics line
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Actress, TV host and endorser Anne Curtis first started appearing on her noontime show without foundation—just red lipstick and groomed brows, and the world followed suit.
Now, Anne has teamed up with Jacqe Yuengtian Gutierrez for blk cosmetics, which represents Anne’s philosophy of “uncomplicated beauty.”

BLK cosmetics

“Makeup is something I am very passionate about. It’s part of who I am,” said Anne during the launch of blk cosmetics at Manila House.
blk stands for the color black, said Jacqe.
“Black is timeless, elegant, and uncomplicated, which is what we want the brand to be,” said Anne.
blk wants to stand out by going back to basics. The brand also has a cruelty-free certification from PETA.
Anne is someone who likes “to keep things simple, clean, yet still have an impact.”
All blk cosmetics products are of the best quality at its price points—from Php 299 to Php 499.

BLK cosmetics

“We felt there was a scarcity of high-quality brands in this price segment, so there is clearly an opportunity to introduce a brand like blk. We’re out to prove that luxe-looking, premium makeup doesn’t have to be a splurge,” said Jacqe.
The line is perfect for college girls and those who have just joined the workforce. You can buy just five items from the line for your first makeup kit. The lipsticks, on the other hand, are for females of all ages.
The shades they’ve come up with are aligned with Anne’s preference for showcasing different looks but if there is one beauty advise she can give to women, it’s to keep a bold lipstick in their purse at all times.
“You’ll never know when you’re gonna need that extra pop of color,” said Anne.

BLK cosmetics

Anne was very involved with product development. According to Jacqe, the actress would message her at all hours of the days with her ideas and suggestions.
Aside from the lipsticks (Php 299) and lmatte lipsticks (Php 349), the lineup includes an All-Day Matte Powder Foundation (Php 399), Contour, Blush, and Highlight Palette (Php 499), Long-Lasting Liquid Eyeliner (Php 249), Brow Sculpting Pencil Duo (Php 249), Velvet Lip Cream (Php 299).

Find them at selected Watsons and SM Department stores nationwide, and through

About those Balenciaga Crocs
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My son Ben knows me so well.
When I entered the room, he asked me, “Mommy, are you buying those Balenciaga Crocs?”
“Yes, definitely. What color should I get?”
Ben, 15, said yellow or pink.

Balenciaga Crocs
Balenciaga Crocs

“I’m kind of leaning towards grey. But if it’s not too expensive, I want to get a color too,” I said.

Balenciaga Crocs

I really don’t like purple

Balenciaga Crocs

And the black looks a bit benign. We’ll see…

Balenciaga Crocs

I’m guessing price point would be around $650. Just a wild guess from me.
I got one of those hyped Balenciaga “Ikea” bags because I really think it’s art.

Balenciaga Ikea

I also think Demna Gvasalia is a genius. I was talking about Demna with my friend Tere Henson.
Demna is the creative director of Balenciaga, and co-founder of Vetements, which is my current favorite label.


So the more the Internet made fun of the “Ikea” bag, the more I wanted it.
I feel the same way about the Crocs.

In 2011, I had dinner with Jappy Gonzalez and Mr. Enda Cleary of Comme des Garçons where I opened up the idea of a CDG x Crocs collab.
During that time I was all about CDG, and now I am all about Demna, so this shoe is really amazing.
So the Universe really does give me what I want. Or maybe in Balenciaga’s case, Univers will.