Panaderya Toyo: Not your ordinary bakery
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When I was a kid, my favorite bread was called “potpot.”
We used to live on Hemady Street in Quezon City where this man would pass by on his bike in the afternoon, with two giant tin drums on either side, filled with all kinds of bread.
Potpot was a sweet part of my childhood. It was five centavos a piece and I haven’t been able to find it since.

Long gone are the bike-riding bread vendors, but quaint little bread shops can still be found in local neighborhoods. Now you can buy all kinds of bread in chains around the mall.
What makes Panaderya Toyo special for me is, first of all, how it looks.
I was drawn to its interiors, imagined and created by Architect Arts Serrano.
Because it was conceptualized by the same people behind Toyo Eatery, which I love, you know this isn’t your typical bakery.

IMG_1379 2

For one, Panaderya Toyo has its bread on display in the middle of the store and in limited quantities, instead of heaps.
It has tables and chairs for those who would like to have their bread with coffee. They have fillings or palaman if you want something extra. Your sourdough could be topped with scrambled eggs and eggplant, and when you bite into it, there are unexpected flavors and textures, such as crispy dulong (silver fish) and shallots.
The breads, made by Panaderya Toyo head baker Richie Manapat, aren’t your usual, too.

Baker Richie Manapat

Most of the breads are sourdough, except for the bicho-bicho, or the twisted Filipino version of doughnuts.


The breads, which include pan de sal, pan casero, baguette and buttermilk loaf, are all crunchy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. The recipes use real butter instead of just margarine or oil.


Richie is very passionate about breads and baking.
“The style of bread making in the Philippines is very Americanized. Lots of white bread. People are afraid to make breads this dark and crusty,” said Richie, who studied culinary arts but is a self-taught baker.

Baker Richie Manapat

Panaderya Toyo breads, said Richie, are rustic. He compared it to breads baked in European villages in the old days.
“We don’t use additives or preservatives. The bread is wholesome. We use bleach-free flour. You don’t want to eat bleach.”


Toyo Eatery executive chef Jordy Navarra met Richie when the latter had dinner with Margarita Fores at the restaurant. Since then, Richie has helped bake Toyo Eatery’s breads, including their famous Tocino Bread.
“We’ve been doing our Tocino Bread for a long time but Richie helped professionalize our bread program,” said Jordy.

Chef Jordy Navarra

For me, what makes Panaderya Toyo a must-visit is its visual appeal, with interiors fashioned out of mango tree wood and walls in plain-gray cement.

Panderya Toyo

The bakery is divided into sections. There is the open bread-making area with the equipment. Then, there’s the bread display which reminds me of the glass box in church, where they keep the Black Nazarene (but that’s just me). Then, there are the tables and a long counter which chairs—the best area for me, if you are alone.

Panaderya Toyo is at The Alley, Karrivin, 2316 Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City
Open Tuesday to Saturday from from 11 AM to 6:30 PM

To know more, follow them on Instragram @panaderyatoyo

Cibo di Marghi now has Food To Go for Christmas
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Christmas Eve dinner used to be something that families prepared for weeks in advance. I still have fond memories of lechon and turkey at my Lola Paying’s.
My lola is no longer with us but I can still have a great Christmas spread for my family by ordering dishes from one of our favorite restaurants.

Cibo di Marghi introduces Food To Go for Christmas, which includes some of my favorite dishes, including Beef Tenderloin “Tagliata al Rosmarino” and Chilean Sea Bass or Norwegian Salmon “al Sale” or baked in salt crust.

Cibo platters
Cibo platters

Other dishes available are Timballo al Forno

Cibo platters

Classic Baked Lasagna

Cibo platters

Roast Chicken all’Aglio Olio e Rosmarino

Cibo platters

Slow–Roast Beef Belly

Cibo platters

Roast Half Carcass of Lamb

Cibo platters

Tiramisù Croccante di Marghi and Crepe Millefoglie

Cibo platters

And more

Cibo platters

Cibo platters

Cibo platters

Cibo platters

Orders must be placed at least three days in advance.
50% downpayment through bank deposit is required to confirm.
To order, call (02) 729-0030 or (0917) 513-8932 or email
You may pick up your orders at Cibo di Marghi’s commissary in Whitespace, Makati City.

To know more follow them on Facebook or Instagram @cibodimarghi.

Raffles Makati celebrates a year in Provence at Mireio
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Raffles Makati celebrates 365 days of Mireio.
In-honor of its first year anniversary, the Provençal-inspired upscale brasserie will be serving a selection of its popular dishes this December 8 to 12, 2017 from 12 to 10:30 PM continuously at PHP 365 nett.

A Year in Provence in Mireio 1-1

Savor select French Mediterranean favorites for lunch and dinner at the special anniversary rate.
Appetizers include the signature smoked salmon tartare with Granny Smith apple and Dijon mustard cream; classic tomato tart with clams and escargot, garnished with rocket salad and parmesan cheese; and soup of green lentil with pan-seared foie gras and truffle oil.

A Year in Provence in Mireio 2-1

For the main course, choose from a selection of Provençal slow-cooked oxtail parmentier, traditional herb-crusted jackfish on ratatouille, and orzo with king prawns flambéed in Pastis and star anise cream.
End it with apple tart tatin topped with vanilla ice cream, lavender crème brûlée for a taste of Provence, and 65% Maraicabo chocolate mousse with truffle and hazelnut crunch.
For more information and reservations, call 795 0707 or email

LOOK: All the Jollibee pics of Prime Minister Trudeau you need to see
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Everybody knows if you want to go viral, you do Jollibee.
When Anthony Bourdain dined at Jollibee in an episode of Parts Unknown, everyone went nuts!

Yesterday when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau arrived in Manila for the ASEAN SUMMIT, his first stop from the airport was Jollibee’s North Harbour branch, along with his security detail.

Trudeau at Jollibee

The visit had been arranged days before by the Canadian Embassy.
According to a Jollibee representative, Trudeau has already been to their first branch in Canada. He wanted to visit a Jollibee here because apparently, Jollibee is a big deal in Canada.

PM Trudeau at JB 5

LOL. What a rockstar.

PM Trudeau at JB 4

Oh, and Trudeau has a soft spot for Filipinos because his nanny was a Filipina, said the Jollibee representative.
He arrived at Jollibee North Harbour yesterday at 4:30 PM and stayed for 30 minutes to interact with Jollibee officials, customers and the crew.

PM Trudeau at JB 2


PM Trudeau at JB 3

PM Trudeau at JB 1

If he ran for Philippine president tomorrow, he would win.

PM Trudeau at JB 8

Oh God, how cute!

PM Trudeau at JB 11

Girl: Deadma

PM Trudeau at JB 7

This girl has way too many photos with Trudeau, so she wins too.

PM Trudeau at JB 6
PM Trudeau at JB 9

He even picked at her fries.

PM Trudeau at JB 10

If you’re curious as to what Trudeau ordered, he had a one-piece Chickenjoy with rice and a Strawberry Tea Float. He didn’t finish his actual order though (too much chika?), so he had it to go.

PM Trudeau at JB 12

PS. Thank God he didn’t do a boodle fight because, gross.