Pretty Diaz girls on HOLA! cover
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“We all have an innate sense of style. It’s something we’ve been exposed to and it’s influenced how we dress,” shares Martine Cajucom about her and her four cousins.
“It’s absolute madness every day, but I wouldn’t have it any other way,” adds 28-year-old model and host Georgina Wilson.
In a first for the Diaz family, the five stylish young women of the famous showbiz clan share a slice of their coveted lives in HOLA! Philippines’ Fashion Issue, now out on newsstands.

02 Diaz Girls

Also in this issue, HOLA! Philippines dresses up model and PR professional Apples Aberin in the latest sports inspired looks, chats with actress Lovi Poe and model, actor, and entrepreneur Fabio Ide; catches up with celebrated Filipino designers Mich Dulce, Boom Sason, and Francis Libiran; discovers a different side to Tweetie De Leon-Gonzales; and talks shop with the families of Mila Dayrit and Jul B. Dizon on their jewelry empires.

06 Mich Dulce
Mich Dulce

Also inside HOLA! Philippnes’ pre-summer offering are coverage of the season’s most exciting events—from Paris Fashion Week to the 56th Grammys, Tim Yap and Raymond Gutierrez’s birthday parties to Das Reyes and Bea Tantoco’s wedding, and, finally, The annual Zobel Cup.

Diaz girls

HOLA! Philippines is available in print (Php 160) and digitally via the Zinio app for only $34.99/year.
For more information email or go to

The new Louis Vuitton: a preview of things to come
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It was around 1997 when I purchased my first Louis Vuitton bag—an Amazone! It was the only thing I could afford at that time. It wasn’t until 2001 when Marc Jacobs created the Stephen Sprouse bags that I became officially obsessed. Takashi Murakami followed in 2002 and the love affair continued for a few more years until it became, well, tired.
I can’t tell you how many Louis Vuittons I’ve acquired. Many of them I have sold or given away, but I still keep some special ones.
Truthfully I haven’t found the brand that exciting, until they announced that Nicolas Ghesquière (formerly of Balenciaga) was taking over Marc Jacobs’ position as creative director of the house of Louis Vuitton.

Nicolas Ghesquière

Meanwhile my friends and I have been wondering what kind of change he can bring to the fashion house which had tuned American, pop, and J-Lo, under the direction of Marc Jacobs.
To answer our question, my friends, here’s a preview of things to come in Fall/Winter 2014-15.
A series of photographs, titled A Dozen Girls was recently photographed by Juergen Teller at the Louis Vuitton Headquarters in Paris.

Collection Prêt-à-porter Femme Automne Hiver 2014-15
A patchwork zipped leather coat is worn with a Silver Épi Petite-Malle in its removable cover

Collection Prêt-à-porter Femme Automne Hiver 2014-15
A leather knitted top is paired with and a printed moleskin skirt

Collection Prêt-à-porter Femme Automne Hiver 2014-15
A crocodile zipped coat is worn with a Monogram Petite-Malle

Collection Prêt-à-porter Femme Automne Hiver 2014-15
The beauty is in the details

Collection Prêt-à-porter Femme Automne Hiver 2014-15
Black patent leather boots

Collection Prêt-à-porter Femme Automne Hiver 2014-15
A brushed shetland coat with leather details and black patent leather belt is worn with an Alma bag in lambskin with diamonds drawing; a gold metal earring; signet ring and crystal rings; with black calf leather boots

Collection Prêt-à-porter Femme Automne Hiver 2014-15

To see more of the new Louis Vuitton collection, click HERE.

How to revive an old chair
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I found this chair at Megamall and placed it in the boys’ room a few years ago. It wasn’t expensive but it is oh so comfy. The boys use it mostly while playing their video games on weekends.


It has seen better days obviously. I didn’t realize how ratty it was until recently.


Luckily I remembered to buy some fabric at Ikea Singapore last January. I chose a Dutch-looking print that would brighten up any kid’s room. I was about to dump it in the cart when the Dutch in-laws insisted on rolling it the proper way


Back in Manila I tried to search online for anyone who could reupholster a chair—and then I remembered my friend Kristine Dee who makes furniture apart from her own jewelry line.
Kristine is my go-to person when I need to resurrect some furniture pieces. She is so helpful!
The chair was picked up from our house and delivered a few weeks later. They did an amazing job!!


Not bad service for less than Php 2500—including pull-out and delivery.
If you’re looking for a great, reliable reupholstery service in Metro Manila, email
Thanks Kristine!!

Back from the dead (nearly)
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So sorry I haven’t blogged in ages.
I got into a Twitter fight about two weeks ago and got bullied (my fault and I’m sorry. Deepak said so) so I decided to remove Twitter from my phones and lay off social media, including Instagram, Facebook, and well, my blog.
My son got sick on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On Monday it was my turn to get sick up to this day.
I haven’t been sick for years!! I had forgotten what a 39-degree fever feels like and it aint fun.
So all this time I was in bed medicating and playing Candy Crush.
I’ve also been reading Deepak Chopra’s Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, which says I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

7 Spiritual Lwas CD

Which means I got sick because of certain decisions that I made (taking a bubble bath on a cold day, for one) and that God wants me to be right here, right now. With that I accepted my sickness and stayed in bed instead of forcing myself to work.


I am still in bed with a low fever, cold and cough. Just to be sure I’m not dying of pneumonia my friend Patrice dragged me to St. Luke’s BGC this afternoon for a blood test and X-ray—both negative. (Thank You Lord!)
Last Friday I did have the pleasure of meeting the two big winners of my Samsung giveaway.
Both winners met up with me at my office. This is Mary Grace Raagas who can now replace her old Samsung phone with a Samsung Galaxy Mega. (That cute little boy in the picture is my husband Jeroen.)

Grace Raagas

And Anne Roselle Lara (L) who plans to give her prize Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to her sister.
I also got to meet her pretty mom Ohla.

Anne Lara

Well it’s great to have an office. Now I can meet more of you readers, as I prepare my next giveaway.
Oh, and thanks to the great people at St. Luke’s BGC ER and Dr. Dimagiba (indestructible) for his patience and who didn’t see this coming.

Dr. Dimagiba

Hay! This cold weather kasi…
(Comments section, please be kind. I am still trying to recover. No trolls please!!)