SALE! Kids and baby fair this weekend at Bench Tower
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A once-in-a-lifetime family shopping event filled with deals, discounts, enlightening talks, exciting games and activities, is happening at the Playground of Bench Tower this March 28-30, 2014.
Carrying over 100 family-oriented brands, the fair will be a carnival of toys, clothes, and all kinds of baby and kids needs. Admission is free!

Bench poster

Learn about baby care, potty training and oral care from from CIRQUE DE BEBE’s talks and seminars.
Expecting moms and supportive spouses can learn about breastfeeding basics and how to avoid SIDS.
Check out Mothercare Philippines’ Facebook page for the program list and schedule.
Aside from the enlightening talks by renowned speakers and experts, parents will be wowed by amazing discounts from their favorite baby brands. Raffle prizes, goody bags, and other surprises will be up for grabs.
Highlights include a magic show, a Strider Adventure Zone, and Gymboree Play Area, while little girls can have their hair and nails done at the glam Barbie Salon.

Participating brands:

Bench poster

Visit Bench Tower’s Playground this March 28-30, 2014 at 30th Street Corner Rizal Drive, Bonifacio Global City.

Meet Sayoko Hokazono
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Sayoko Hokazono is my best friend in Tokyo. I met her through Rita Nazareno’s mom, Tita Vicky a few years ago, and meeting her has changed the way I see Tokyo.
I love her so much. Sometimes we even dress alike.


Sayoko goes to the Philippines twice a year to for Manila Fame, and I try to go to Tokyo twice a year to find myself.
She has made a lot of friends in Manila.

Jeroen, Keri, Sayoko, Cecile, Grace and Cedric

Sayoko owns a store and showroom in Aoyama called Kika Style, where she represents Mich Dulce and S.C. Vizcarra, among other brands.

Kikastyle window
Kyoko Barbie and Joe
Mich Dulce at Kika Style

She also lives in a nice house designed by her BFF, Akihiko Yamazaki (R)

Sayoko and Hiko ordering

We are alike in many ways. I learn a lot from her.
Just look at her house!

sayoko's housesayoko's house
sayoko's housesayoko's house
sayoko's housesayoko's house
sayoko's housesayoko's house
sayoko's housesayoko's house

(To be continued)

Peninsula Tokyo and the hood
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I finally got a three-year multiple-entry to visa to my favorite city in the world.
We stayed as usual at the Peninsula, which is home in Tokyo

Hotel Entrance

I love this place

Deluxe Park View Day

It has the best hotel bathroom in the world

Deluxe Suite Bathroom

The best room service

Peninsula Tokyo

Here’s what I like to order: salmon and rice for breakfast

Room service

Chicken Caesar salad for merienda

Room service

and steak bowl with giant leeks for dinner.

beef bowl

Jeroen loves the coffee maker

Peninsula Tokyo

I love the closet

Deluxe Room Dressing Room

It’s cherry blossom season!

Peninsula Tokyo

This lady was playing calming music at the lobby, but Jeroen says if you sit there long enough, you will go crazy


I prefer the jazz music they play in the daytime from this hidden balcony

musicians at the peninsula tokyo

There’s nothing like a stroll on Ginza at night. First stop: Hakuhinkan toy store before they close at 8.


Tita Virgie Ramos was here: Questina!


and right next to it, coincidentally, is a Virgina S store


There’s the Yamaha building


Vertical gardens inside the building next to Zara


I love wooden blinds


Prada Ginza


A beautiful tree in the middle of it all


Hawaiian bistro with scribbles on the window


Jeroen loves these holes in the wall, but it was full


We ended up having tapas and drinks at a Spanish restaurant


Before heading back and stopping by 7-11


These look so wrong—but the following day they were all sold out!

Chocolate covered shrimp crakers

We walked back in the freezing cold carrying snacks from 7-11 and spotted this cute Peninsula coffee truck.

Peninsula Tokyo

(To be continued)

What we can learn from Lance Raymundo’s “freak accident”
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You may have heard of Lance Raymundo the singer/actor, but to me he’s my nephew Reggie.
Reggie’s lola and my dad are cousins. That makes him my sort of nephew. But I see him more like a cousin, or my buddy. We both grew up in Greenhills and I have fond memories of playing at his parents’ house.
Reggie and I became close during the ’80s when we would travel to Japan together. I wanted to become Lisa Bonet. He wanted to become Robert Downey Jr.
This was Reggie as a little boy.
Reggie Raymundo

We drifted apart before I moved to New York for a few years and he decided to try showbiz.
He changed his name to Lance and he became buff.

He works out a lot!

Lance is truly one of the kindest souls I know, and I’m glad his life was spared when he met a freak accident last March 19, 2014.
Around 10 AM, Lance was at his gym doing a dumbbell fly workout, while laying down on the bench press.

He narrates: “There was an 80-lb. barbell on top of me because the workout was a ‘superset’, meaning, right after I do 10 reps with the barbell with the help of my trainer, I rest it back in place and proceed to do the dumbbell fly workout.
After completing 10 reps of the dumbbell flies, the trainer leaned forward to assist me in lowering the dumbbells, but his body weight accidentally dislodged the barbell, which fell on my face and smashed it.

“This kind of superset workout has been done in many gyms for over 30 years, so it’s not a new workout. But I guess talking to other people while assisting someone can prove to be dangerous.
Luckily, very kind souls at the gym, some of whom I’ve never met, rescued me. A nurse named Paolo who was working out at the time asked for my car keys and rushed me to the ER.
I sustained multiple fractures in my entire (middle) face and parts of my orbital socket (casing the eyeballs).
Luckily my eyesight has been spared! I consider myself lucky because had it even hit just a half an inch either above or below the point of impact, it could’ve been fatal!”

A team of neurosurgeons, eye specialists and EENT doctors are attending to his case. They have assured Lance that his face will be fully restored after two major surgeries are completed.
Lance is in no way suing or badmouthing the gym or trainer and didn’t even want to disclose the names “as no one wanted this accident to happen.” (Obviously we now know the name of the gym because it’s on Instagram.)

Lance asked me to write about this because, “in the many years I have been working out, I have witnessed so many close calls due to horsing around, not paying attention, neglect, or even listening to an iPod while working out.
I hope this serves as a warning for everyone’s safety. I survived a near-death experience so I can be an advocate of this safety reminder,” Lance said.

Lance’s first surgery will be on Tuesday, followed by a second one after a month. Please keep him in your prayers.