Pond’s launches skincare for men
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Pond’s isn’t just for women anymore.
As a leader in skin solutions, The Pond’s Institute aims to help Filipino men find new solutions to their skincare concerns. Pond’s Men is a groundbreaking, daily skin care regimen formulated to give men bright and energized skin.
To introduce its newest product line, Ponds recently launched Pond’s Men Energy Charge in a grand launch with brand ambassadors: (L-R) businessman Victor Consunji, director Paul Soriano, actor Xian Lim, singer Rico Blanco, and footballer Anton del Rosario.

The New Faces of Pond’s Men: Victor Consunji, Xian Lim, Anton del Rosario, Paul Soriano, and Rico Blanco

Hosting the event were Unilever Philippines Head of PR for Personal Care Apples Aberin

Unilever Philippines Head of PR for Personal Care, Apples Aberin

and TV host Marc Nelson

Marc Nelson

Also at the launch were Pond’s ambassador Tweetie de Leon Gonzalez

Tweetie Gonzalez

Models Fabio Ide

Fabio Ide

and Marco Lobregat

Marco Lobregat

Blogger Robbie Becroft

Robbie Becroft

Ryan Gallagher

Ryan Gallagher

Sam Richelle

Sam Richelle

Janna Tee

Janna Tee

and Maggie Wilson

Maggie Wilson

Setting the mood for an energised party were DJ Nina

DJ Nina

DJ duo Kimkat


Pond’s Men ambassador Rico Blanco

Rico Blanco

and Dutch trio Shermanology.


Watch Xian Lim #GetEnergized

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A look inside Tokyo Midtown
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If you’re traveling with kids in Tokyo, the Ritz-Carlton is a great place to stay because it is connected to the Tokyo Midtown mall in the posh Roppongi Hills. The area includes this vast park and a museum partnered and designed by Tadao Ando and Issey Miyake.

Tokyo Midtown
21-21 design sight

I had been to Tokyo Midtown only once before and never forgot how modern and spacious it was and is today.
Tokyo does not have a mall culture like Manila, so their malls are not very full. In fact they’re so empty it’s a bit sad.


But when they build a mall, they do it so beautifully.


Space = luxury

Tokyo Midtown

From the Ritz-Carlton Hotel you can access the mall through this beautiful outdoor area.
Imagine this scenario in 18-degree weather

Tokyo Midtown
Tokyo Midtown #3

Tsutaya has mostly Japanese books but there’s always something cool to buy

Tsutaya books at Tokyo Midtown
Tsutaya books

Their Starbucks is gorgeous

Tokyo Midtown

This way to the mall


On the basement level are many affordable little food outlets. We ate most of our meals here because on the upper floors are really expensive restaurants that can cost you an arm.
This is a yakitori place


There’s a famous tonkatsu restaurant called Hiratabokujyo


There are two Dean & Delucas: one is small and cute

Dean & Deluca at Tokyo Midtown

The other one is huge with a grocery/deli and restaurant. Check out the baskets on the floor—the Japanese have respect for handbags—a concept that won’t work in Manila with our culture of thieves.

Dean & Deluca at Tokyo Midtown

Everything at Dean & Deluca Tokyo is cute but not necessarily delicious. This mango juice tasted like medicine

Dean & Deluca

I’m a sucker for Oreos. This alien-looking thing is called Crash Chocolate Muffin, but I wonder if they meant “crushed”?
Unfortunately I didn’t get to try this. My stomach was always full from all the food choices.

Dean and Deluca crash chocolate muffin

There’s a little Jean Paul Hevin store—but the one in Hong Kong has more choices. I find JPH so expensive—it is best to buy in Paris if anyone is going.

Jean Paul Hevin at Tokyo Midtown

Moku Moku Tezukuri Farm sells this Japanese sausage on a stick. So big, I couldn’t finish one.

Mokumoku at Tokyo Midtown

I took some home to Manila and grilled it.

Moku Moku sausage on a stick

Most convenient is the 24-hour Precce Premium supermarket

Precce Premium

Shopping itself wasn’t exciting for me. I found the whole selection too expensive.
Worth noting is Kurachika—which is Porter bags heaven

Tokyo Midtown

Just a medium-sized Muji store


and a Plain People store.

Tokyo Midtown

To be honest, shopping in this mall is not exciting. (To be continued)
To know more about Tokyo Midtown, click HERE.

Saturdate: Chuva and Diva’s day-off
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Was supposed to go to two wakes and visit a friend in the hospital. But yesterday I had the blues.
Meanwhile my friend Grace was in the neighbourhood and dropped by.
“Kaladkarin ka ba today?” I asked.
“Sure. Huwag lang super late ha,” she said.
“Can we watch a Tagalog movie?”
“Sure!” she said.
I love Tagalog movies, but rarely go to the cinema. And it’s really hard to find friends who are willing to watch Tagalog movies.

The day before, my friend Mark who is visiting from Ireland and had watched Maybe This Time with his mom and sister at Megamall.
“What that about?” I asked.
“Sarah G works for the PR company of Ruffa Gutierrez. In order to get promoted as executive assistant, Ruffa gives her the task to makeover her boyfriend (Coco Martin) from styling to communication skills, not knowing Coco was in Sarah’s past pala. Coco needs a makeover because Ruffa is embarrassed to introduce him to everybody because he’s baduy.”

Ah! It looks so cringy, I couldn’t resist!
How can I not with Ruffa as the evil cougar. She is 39 in real life, while Coco is 32, according to wiki.
I know Sarah G stands 5’6″ (lucky her) and Coco Martin is also 5’6″, while Ruffa is a towering 5’10″—what more with heels??
The casting is a mismatch, I just had to see it.

Maybe This Time

The first time I saw Coco Martin onscreen was in Masahista in 2005.
When your introducing movie is a seedy gay movie by Brillante Mendoza, it’s hard to imagine that one day Coco would rise to become the big mainstream star he is today.

The_Masseur-363154704-large Maybe This Time

Once upon a time I also dated a model who was five years younger than me. He was 19, I was 24.
He was rough around the edges, but had terrific abs, was 6 feet tall, and spoke good English. But I was ashamed to introduce him to my friends. That’s why I could relate to Ruffa’s character.
But I digress, I now understand why the masses love Coco Martin. He looks like a wholesome Filipino boy with a good nose, dimples and always smiling. He is terribly sweet to Sarah, I could imagine I was one of the masses on my day off getting kilig with Coco Martin.
Same with Sarah G who is so wholesome and relatable to the masses (if there is such a word).

Maybe This Time

While Ruffa was maleficently evil to watch, I feel they could’ve casted a person who speaks less sosy and is more of Coco’s height. For example, Marian Rivera, who is not known for her English skills.
Some of the audience in the cinema were especially hilarious with their comments about Ruffa looking more like Coco’s mother.

Maybe This Time

Knowing of Ruffa Gutierrez’s exes in real life, it is really hard for anyone to imagine her hooking up with Coco Martin who makes furniture and “home accents” out of “dreepwood” (driftwood).

Maybe This Time

Unfortunately he is not the next Kenneth Cobonpue.

Maybe This Time

Ogie Diaz (Coco’s Gay Friday) next to a lamp Coco made

Maybe This Time

Other cringy moments were when Coco’s thick foundation was too orange (think Oompa Loompa)

Maybe This Time
oompa loompa

He does have his good moments though when Sarah fixes him up. So yes, I get why they love him.

Maybe This Time

Watch out for Garlic Garcia as Sarah’s barkada in the movie. I must say Garlic is one of the reasons I watched.
Maybe This Time is now showing in theatres nationwide.
To know more, click HERE.

PLDT cry for help
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Dear PLDT,
I maintain an apartment at St. Francis Shangri-La Place where I have a PLDT landline and internet.
I don’t go there very often so the bill gets emailed to me.
Last March when I visited there, the internet was dead, so I called customer service for help.
The person on the line said my account was active. Well, I thought so because I was able to use my landline.
I even asked if I had forgotten to pay my bill. She said no.
So she passed me on to technical who asked me to describe the behaviour of my modem and describe which lights were on.
This is what I got.

They said they would call me back about repair and no such thing happened.
Very recently, I found out that my case of complaint was closed in April. It was closed without any repair or follow up, and no phone call to me.
Months passed and the next bills I received were ones of disconnection.
I have been going back and forth with PLDT to explain my situation of having a miscommunication problem with customer service who told me my account was active and me waiting for them to repair, because I thought I shouldn’t have to pay for internet that has not been repaired.

Meanwhile my bill is now Php 15,000 for a dead internet.
Yesterday I paid Php 5,000 to cover that month in February I had neglected to pay my bill.
I’m hoping PLDT and I can come to a compromise, to forego the bills for the months I did not have service. Then I can either disconnect and pay termination fee, or continue the service and pay monthly for internet that is working.

PLDT, may I please speak to a human who cares? Because nobody seems to care on email or phone. Meanwhile my bill is growing, nobody wants to really terminate my account and nobody is fixing my internet. What can we do about it?
Should I pay for service that does not exist? If you have given me a notice of disconnection, why don’t you disconnect me and stop increasing my bill? THIS IS NOT FAIR!!!