HOOQ: A goldmine of Tagalog movie classics
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Wow I can’t believe I’ve hit the jackpot!
Just when I’ve run out of things to watch on Netflix, iTunes, and Xfinity, I suddenly discovered, which came free with my kids’ Internet provider.
Just look at the stuff I’m planning to watch for nights to come!

Tagalog movie classics

I can’t believe they have hard-to-find ’80s classics like Katorse, Underage, Underage Too, and To Love Again with Sharon Cuneta and the late Miguel Rodriguez!!

Tagalog movie classics

Gosh, sorry, this is life-changing for me, I can’t tell you. I just had to share!!
To know more, go to

Balenciaga unveils new Demna-designed store in Manila
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Balenciaga recently unveiled its newly renovated shop at Greenbelt 5, Makati encapsulating the new creative vision of Balenciaga artistic director Demna Gvasalia.
The store houses women’s accessories, along with footwear and eyewear.

Balenciaga Greenbelt 5

The interior design blends contrasting textures that speak of the sophistication of haute couture together with industrial materials of the contemporary.
High-gloss rosewood, used for walls and display tables, are laid alongside concrete, cast aluminium, and glass.

Balenciaga Greenbelt 5

Seating combines industry and luxury, framing tufted leather with Brutalist concrete in a game of contrasts and collage.
Mirrored panels add depth and alter perceptions: the layered fragments reflect multiple views.

Balenciaga Greenbelt 5

The whole is played out in a restricted palette of grays, of stone and metal, with a flash of emerald-green mirrored glass. The result is a dynamic space, disrupting the conventional language of luxury retail.

Balenciaga Greenbelt 5

BALENCIAGA is at the ground floor, Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center Makati
and at Unit 105, 8 ROCKWELL, Hidalgo Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati

VIDEO: CCTV footage shows Resorts World Manila terrorist from start to finish
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I can tell you a number of times I’ve been to Resorts World Manila:
• Our family has checked in the Marriott Hotel once. In fact the Marriott Hotel Sunday buffet is one of our favorites.
• The hubby and I have enjoyed Wolfgang’s Steak House a couple of times.
• We were there when Sting had a concert with Chris Botti in March 2016.
• My son had his birthday party there in 2012.
• We tried to stalk Anderson Cooper at the Marriott during the aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda in 2013.

We probably go there once or twice a year, but never at the gambling areas.
Last Thursday night, my husband was at Resorts World Manila for work from 8-10 PM.
Then on Friday, while my husband slept around midnight, I saw on Twitter that there had been a shooting and fire at the casino. I wasn’t able to sleep. At 4 AM, the word ISIS came out on Twitter. That’s when I panicked and woke up the hubby.

Resorts World Manila attack
Resorts World Manila on fire (Photo:

It is now Saturday night and 35 people have been reported dead. Many of the bodies were found suffocated from smoke inhalation, while hiding in one of the VIP rooms.
While some news organizations like CNN International have reported that ISIS has claimed the act of terrorism, the CCTV footage released by Resorts World tell otherwise.

I was in shock while watching the footage on TV earlier. The way the terrorist acted reminded my of a game my kids play called Grand Theft Auto, as if he was just burning tables, firing shots, stealing casino chips, shooting door locks, and finally setting himself on fire.
It just didn’t make sense and he didn’t seem to have an escape plan.

After viewing the video, my husband and I didn’t think the man looked like a foreigner as reported, perhaps a really large Filipino guy. The man’s identity has yet to be reported. But his costume definitely looked like Grand Theft Auto, like he was really prepared for combat.
Which makes me think, how did he get past the security check of the casino entrance? As far as I know, all bags go through an X-ray machine.
Now I understand why liquids aren’t allowed on airplanes. They could be liquid explosives or gasoline which can easily start a fire. How was this man able to bring bottles of gasoline in his backpack?

Watch this two-part video of CCTV footage shown on TV earlier. It is so unreal, it looks like a crazy man living a real life Grand Theft Auto. I feel like there’s not enough information being reported.
Let me know what you think.

Giveaway: Why #BeloBaby’s talc-free powder is the choice of caring moms
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Growing up in the ‘70s, we used to get all sweaty running around, playing both indoors and outdoors.
It was normal to see a yaya running after her ward, with the intent of placing a small towel between the child’s sweaty shirt and back. T-shirts would be changed, but not before toweling off and dusting with baby powder.
When I was younger, using baby powder meant talcum powder.
At that time nobody cared.

Hemady kids
No internet: Playing outdoors in the ’70s with my siblings and cousins. I’m the kid in white shoes.

When my nephew Mickey was born in 1990, I remember his pediatrician telling his parents not to use powder on the baby. It was the first time I heard a doctor say that.
Most powders were made with talc, which is a mineral.
As a powder, it absorbs moisture well and cuts down on friction, helping keep skin dry and prevent rashes.
But in its natural form, talc contains asbestos. That’s why the use of talcum powder has been linked to certain cancers.
Now moms can thank Belo Baby for making talc-free powder that is all natural, with 0% harmful chemicals.
Watch this!

#BeloBaby Talc-Free Powder is made from finely milled rice and maize (a special corn) powders that leave skin fresh and soft.
Best of all, it’s formulated without talc.
Finely milled rice and maize have bigger particles than talcum powder. That means they are less likely to be inhaled or absorbed into the body via inhalation or swallowing.
#BeloBaby TaIc-Free Powder is “crafted with care for the most delicate skin, for the most meticulous moms.”
I also love the packaging.

Belo baby powder

Find them at leading supermarkets and department stores nationwide.
Or buy online at

Now just because you’ve read up to here, you can join my giveaway!
I’m giving away three pink train cases filled with Belo Baby products.

Pink bags

You’ll get all these #BeloBaby products, and I’ll ship them to any address in the Philippines.

Belo baby products

It includes three tubs of Belo Baby talc-free powder!

Belo baby powder

How to join:
1) You must have a Philippine address and an Instagram account.
2) Make sure your Instagram account is unlocked.
3) Follow @belobabylove on Instagram.
4) Make an Instagram post about my giveaway at and use the hashtag #ChuvaxBeloBabyPowder.
5) Don’t forget to tag @chuvaness and @belobaby.
6) Register HERE.

1) Promo period is from June 2-8, 2017, after which three winners will be chosen electronically via
2) Make sure your Instagram account is unlocked so I can check your entry/post. If your account is locked, your entry is invalid.
3) The winners will be informed via email or text to verify their shipping address. Winners will also be posted at If I don’t hear back from you, I’ll just choose another winner via

To know more about Belo Baby, go to or follow them on Facebook.

Look who came to Chuvaness deals Goods
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My friend Tere is an in-demand OB-Gyne, while I consider myself part-time blogger, part-time mom.
Tere and I have talked about what we would like to do if we didn’t have our present jobs.
Both of us secretly want to work at Comme des Garçons. Obviously my designing days are over. But would I love to be a salesperson at Comme des Garçons.
Just look at these girls at Dover Street Market Ginza (with my passport and purchases).

Dover Street Market girls

At left is Dr. Tere with one of my fashion idols, Kumiko Sato who works at Comme des Garçons Aoyama, the mothership.

Tere and Kumiko

So during my birthday last month, I dressed like a Comme des Garçons staff (sorry no makeup yet!).

Cecile Zamora van Straten

That night I had a conversation with Jappy Gonzalez, Managing Director at H&F Retail Concepts, which operates Comme des Garçons in the Philippines, about my secret desire to work at Comme des Garçons.
The Universe has funny ways of giving me what I want because I am a very lucky girl.
Jappy suggested having a Chuvaness shopping event at Comme des Garçons Rockwell. Much as I tried to act calm and collected while we were talking about it, I was really screaming inside!!
I just didn’t want to tell my friends right away because I wasn’t sure if Jappy was serious. A week later, Jappy and I met up at Cibo Shang to talk about the event.
I had a week to invite friends from my phone and social media accounts, while H&F also sent their text blasts to regular customers.
I arrived at CDG Rockwell on May 25th at 6:30 PM. Tere’s husband, Dr. Gerard Henson, was the DJ for the night. He was already spinning when I arrived.

Gerard Henson

From 6:30 to 7 PM I was able to fulfill my dream of working behind the counter to wrap purchases. I actually served four sets of customers before the place started to fill up.
I can tell you now that in those 30 minutes we already had 1/5th of our quota for the night 🙂

Among the earlybirds were artist Mikko Sison with CDG Philippines country manager Elaine Domingo, Denise Peralta, and designers Rita Nazareno and Parice Ramos Diaz.

Mikko, Elaine, Denise, Rita, Patrice

Also spotted: Japan addicts Maxene and Pia Magalona

Maxene and Pia Magalona

Carlo Tanseco who runs and owns the Tickles stores, among others

Carlo Tanseco

My friend and Bleach collaborator Tinay Villamiel

Tinay Villamiel

Stylist Andre Chang

Andre Chang

Tita Tessie Singson (also known as @lolaandrogynous on Instagram) and her son JP

Tessie and JP Singson

My hubby Jeroen with our Japanese friends Taka Terada and Fumio Onishi of Natural Hype

Jeroen, Taka and Fumio

The place started to fill up. When it got jampacked, I could no longer go back to the cashier because I would be a slow nuisance. So I let go and watched everyone enjoy themselves.

CDG shopping party
CDG shopping party
CDG shopping party

CDG shopping party
Photo: Fumio Onishi

Comme des Garçons is magic.
Thank you Jappy for a fun night and to everyone who came. 🙂

Photo: Jo Ann Bitagcol
Photo: Jo Ann Bitagcol