I have given birth to two rebels
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Or maybe 1 1/2.
When I was in Assumption in the mid ’80s, I got called to the principal’s office a couple of times for wearing my skirt too long (the prescribed length was knee-) and my school shoes were witch’s boots.
When the principal questioned my fashion choices, I said that I was actually being conservative with the long skirt, and if Laura Ingalls wore boots to school, why couldn’t I?

Laura Ingalls book

Guess what? I actually got away with it. The following year, four other girls lengthened their skirt to mid-calf, and the year after that more girls followed, until it became the norm.
The boots I eventually gave up for penny loafers.

Thirty years later, I have two teenage boys in a Catholic school. Mark is 14 and Ben is 15. They now refuse to have their photos posted on my blog or social media.
Both sport long curly hair on top, shaved short on the sides.
Ben’s bangs are so long, he could actually sport this hairstyle if he wanted to.

Flock of Seagulls hair

But no, Ben doesn’t want to be weird. He is actually just following the norm hairstyle.
So yesterday I heard that both got a warning from their teachers to cut their hair. One of them even threatened Markus, “Pag hindi mo ginupit yan, kakalbuhin kita!”
Honestly, I’m appalled that an educator would use those words on my son.
I can’t believe we pay tuition fee to have people like that threaten our kids in such harsh language. Surely there must be a better way of talking to him.
Mark asked me, “I don’t understand what hair has to do with education.”
So I told him the story about my skirt and boots and the principal’s office. I also told him, during the ’70s, long hair was the norm, so I’m pretty sure boys could go to school with hair like this. I have a La Salle yearbook to prove it.

David Cassidy

Ben went ahead an had his hair trimmed today, but Markus was sick and had to stay home.
This has to be my karma, I thought. It is partly my fault because I kept their hair super short as kids and they are traumatized by their kiddie photos. Personally I want them to have shorter hair. But the kids don’t want what their parents want. So help me God.

This is how the Dutch do food courts
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My husband comes from Utrecht, so it’s always good to receive news from his hometown.
An exciting new food court has just opened at Jaarbeurs, the Netherlands’ largest exhibition, convention and event center in Utrecht.
It was designed by UXUS, a Dutch retail and hospitality branding company that reimagines customer experiences for the world’s leading brands.

Speys Eten & Drinken

To celebrate the venue’s 100th year anniversary, UXUS created Speys—a central meeting space located between the cimema and exhibition halls.
Speys is an old Dutch word that means “food”, and the food court was designed to be a fast, casual dining experience with an industrious market hall feel. It offers freshly prepared food for lunch, coffee, dining, evening drinks, and work space throughout the day.

Speys Eten & Drinken
Speys Eten & Drinken

Speys seats 520 people, plus 140 including the outdoor terrace. The seat plan can accommodate group meetings, larger events and private parties.

Speys Eten & Drinken

“The standout features of the space are the geometric canopies which break up the hall into food zones and create the Speys signature look. We wanted to play with the height of the building,” said Bart Lans, Architect and Senior designer at UXUS.
“The changing light levels accentuate the mood for day and night while the canopies regulate the acoustics of the space.”

Speys Eten & Drinken

Speys features a mezzanine that divides the space and adds an elevated area with additional seating among the canopies.

Speys Eten & Drinken

UXUS used inspiration from the rich visual heritage of the venue to play
with pattern and scale in the design, including a selection of archive posters displayed as part of the scheme. The vintage posters formed the starting point for the Speys graphic identity, using vintage typography in the different zones.
An art deco feel has been achieved with old cinematic lighting and geometric patterns.

Speys Eten & Drinken

UXUS worked in collaboration with food and beverage concept developers Conceptional to develop the menu, back of house, customer experience and flow of the space.
The food outlets can be broken down into Koffe&Graan (coffee and wheat), Hop (beer),
Rund (beef), Basilicum (basil) and Olie&Azijn (oil and vinegar).
Each outlet has a different color palette and seating arrangements to reflect the cuisine.

Speys Eten & Drinken

To know more about Speys, like them on Facebook.

HOOQ: A goldmine of Tagalog movie classics
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Wow I can’t believe I’ve hit the jackpot!
Just when I’ve run out of things to watch on Netflix, iTunes, and Xfinity, I suddenly discovered, which came free with my kids’ Internet provider.
Just look at the stuff I’m planning to watch for nights to come!

Tagalog movie classics

I can’t believe they have hard-to-find ’80s classics like Katorse, Underage, Underage Too, and To Love Again with Sharon Cuneta and the late Miguel Rodriguez!!

Tagalog movie classics

Gosh, sorry, this is life-changing for me, I can’t tell you. I just had to share!!
To know more, go to

Balenciaga unveils new Demna-designed store in Manila
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Balenciaga recently unveiled its newly renovated shop at Greenbelt 5, Makati encapsulating the new creative vision of Balenciaga artistic director Demna Gvasalia.
The store houses women’s accessories, along with footwear and eyewear.

Balenciaga Greenbelt 5

The interior design blends contrasting textures that speak of the sophistication of haute couture together with industrial materials of the contemporary.
High-gloss rosewood, used for walls and display tables, are laid alongside concrete, cast aluminium, and glass.

Balenciaga Greenbelt 5

Seating combines industry and luxury, framing tufted leather with Brutalist concrete in a game of contrasts and collage.
Mirrored panels add depth and alter perceptions: the layered fragments reflect multiple views.

Balenciaga Greenbelt 5

The whole is played out in a restricted palette of grays, of stone and metal, with a flash of emerald-green mirrored glass. The result is a dynamic space, disrupting the conventional language of luxury retail.

Balenciaga Greenbelt 5

BALENCIAGA is at the ground floor, Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center Makati
and at Unit 105, 8 ROCKWELL, Hidalgo Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati