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I started having anxiety attacks a few nights ago because of our Europe. We’re leaving on Monday for Amsterdam with two kids, a yaya, Jeroen and myself. Our youngest has no passport yet and will be taken care of by friends and relatives.
A lot of things are making me nervous, a huge part of it has to be the weather forecast.

Weather forecast

25-26 degrees is what I’m used to at home. In order to fall asleep, I need 22-23 degrees, while my kids need 16 degrees and are looking forward to the cold weather.
My friend Ginggay left for Europe last week and sent me this message:


I am really scared of Winter weather, especially in Spring. I hate bundling up because I can’t move. I literally get frozen. I look so haggarda. I can’t deal. I don’t know what to pack.
Last Thursday night I took the boys shopping at Zara, Gap and Debenhams for long-sleeve tees and warm jackets.
Yesterday I went looking for a jacket for Yaya Bhing. Rajo Laurel correctly advised me to check out the Greenhills tiangge, where I scored a North Face overrun for Php 1,100 and a scarf for Php 150—both in black of course. (North Face jackets cost Php 10,000-12,000 each at Shangri-La Plaza.)
I bought a cute little Dowell rice cooker at Abenson’s for Php 650 (so cheap!), plus tons of microwaveable Japanese rice at the Konbini store.
Dowell rice cooker, 3 cups

I bought a travel iron, collapsible hamper and lots of electric adapters at True Value.
I’ve chosen my reading material, filled out the immigration forms and all that.


Tomorrow I shall pack my clothes and shoes and on Monday all the rest of odds and ends I’m going to need on a two-week trip.
I already miss Manila. Times likes these I really know where my heart belongs and it is in a warm place called home.

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