#Owow a present!
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When it comes to swag, size matters. Because we get them all the time, it helps to get noticed when your present is really big. Make that taller than my six-foot husband.
Yesterday Oishi sent this.

From Oishi

With it, some notes on Oishi that weren’t quite complete

From Oishi

and the box has a slot

From Oishi

That opens up to all the Oishi chips you can imagine

From Oishi

It’s like a chips vending box! My sons grabbed the Pillows, Jeroen got the Bread Pan, and I got my favorite Caramel Popcorn which I’m eating right now.
All the people in the house are fascinated and allowed to get whatever they want.
It’s a great gift idea! If Oishi would sell them, I would send them to our special friends.
I wonder how much this would cost with delivery charge?


Today a second Oishi vending box arrived, so we have two! One box will be sent to Jeroen’s office, while the other stays here for the summer.
Thank you Shera and Oishi! Can’t wait to visit the plant!

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