Our new kitchen is done!
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Dear friends and family,
At long last our 11-year-old kitchen has been renovated!
When we started to build our house 13 years ago, we were on a super tight budget. We couldn’t afford a professional kitchen manufacturer, so we had a carpenter-made kitchen, designed by Ed Calma nonetheless.
Since Jeroen is a chef, we wanted an open kitchen (at right) so he would not be left out while a party was going on.

Big Ass Fan at home

This was our kitchen in 2005

Our kitchen in 2005

and in 2007

Jeroen cooking

From the onset, our kitchen had many problems (mainly due to budget constraints)—like a leak that warped the wooden cabinets when it rained, to a Fisher & Paykel dishwasher that worked maybe 20 times until it conked out (don’t buy this brand!!), and an exhaust fan that didn’t work.
The counter top we chose chipped everywhere and was taped until we could renovate. The Insinkerator broke many times and the Fisher & Paykel refrigerator door just fell off after 13 years.
We’re lucky that we’re able to afford a new kitchen more than ten years later.
After consulting with architects Kellyn See and Rex Gapuz (and advice from Liza Crespo), we decided to go for Siematic, which is one of the best in Manila.
Prior to demolition, I asked Jeroen to have the open kitchen boarded up so that debris wouldn’t spill out onto the rest of the house.

Kitchen renovation

Jeroen, Kellyn and Rex have a kitchen meeting within the barricade

Kitchen renovation

Six months later, it’s done!

New kitchen

The exhaust fan works!!

New kitchen

We have lots of cupboards  and a handsome black Fedders chiller and freezer I found at S&R

New kitchen

The hallway is now boarded up as we change all the flooring from Ondoy vinyl* to tile.
The kids helped us pick out the new tile from five samples. Next we’ll be fixing the dining area.

Living room

Thank you Kellyn & Rex, Mr. Puyat, painter Noel, Siematic, Kuysen, all the workers, our house help who clean, and most especially to God for giving us the resources to fix our house.

*Typhoon Ondoy ruined our laminates so we had a temporary vinyl installed for five years!!

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