Open letter to My M&Ms
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Dear My M&Ms,
I realize that by blogging this, I will lead more customers to your site.
I’ve been a fan of your customized My M&Ms products and have ordered many in the past. You could call me a good customer. It is one of my favorite things to give away, as gifts or just for fun.

Chuvaness x M&Ms

Once I ordered M&Ms for my dad’s birthday

Birthday M&Ms for my dad

My friends’ wedding

Everywhere We Shoot x M&Ms

and my nephew’s baptism

My M&Ms for Noah

Because I live in the Philippines, all orders are shipped to Johnny Air Retail in Woodside NY and forwarded here to the Philippines. I have to pay extra for the shipping to the Philippines, and though the total can be quite expensive, the smiles it brings to people are worth it.

I’m writing to you now, hoping you can help me with a problem I’ve been trying to solve via email but going nowehere.
Recently I placed an order for customized M&Ms and a small bag of Halloween M&Ms but didn’t get a confirmation letter.
I emailed Customer Care to find out what happened. Here’s what I got:

Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 3.08.05 PM

So I went ahead and ordered again. What happened next? I received two duplicate orders.
The first box arrived, I gift wrapped it and sent it to my cousin for his daughter’s baptism—that’s why I no longer have the packing slip that came with it.

My M&Ms duplicate orders

This week a second box arrived. Packing slip is with me. The order # is 11777381.

My M&Ms duplicate orders

I now have an extra 100 packs of customized M&Ms that I wish I could return to you, but not practical since I am in the Philippines. Also wondering if I am entitled to a refund (never mind the Johnny Air shipping) since it is not my fault that there were two orders sent to me.
I do apologize for this very public blog entry, but this is the best way I can explain the situation to you with pictures and hopefully get a fast resolution.
To all my readers curious about the product, you can check out
The site has some problems though. It does not keep a record of your order history, which left me wondering if they indeed received my first order.

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