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I was very much fascinated with the half-cars I saw all over Europe and took photos until I saw too many and got used to it. Aren’t these cute by the way? Can these survive Manila’s crazy drivers? Would it ease our traffic and pollution?

Half a car
Little car
Half car
Little car

Then I saw the fancy buses in Paris. I’ve always wanted to own a fancy van or Coaster so I can pack my family, helpers, and all our stuff to Baguio with the luxury of space. I wonder how much these buses cost.

A nice bus
A nice bus

So jealous

Another cool van

Finally got to ride one on the way back to Schiphol when Jeroen hired this maxicab from Theo Middelweerd

Theo Middelweerd maxicab

The coolest thing, it had this ramp that helped us load our luggage easily. The boys were fascinated.

Jan, Jap, Ben

I had a great nap on the way to Schiphol. It was love!
Jeroen loves the triple Dutch accordion public buses which are not as cute. Do you think these would fly in Manila? Or more traffic for us?

Triple Dutch bus

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