On the road: More scary in the Philippines
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We hear about crime all the time, but the impact is always stronger when it happens to someone we know.
With elections coming up on May 13th next year, it’s time to think about who we’re voting for.
We need to vote for people who really care about making changes for good, and making this country a safer place for all of us.

MALATE—October 10, 2012

Carlos Celdran was attacked in his own neighborhood, Malate, and posted this on his Facebook page:
“After having noodles at Qan Do Lami last night—due to rain and poor visibility—I backed up my car and accidentally tipped over a motorbike.
When I came out to check if everything was OK, I was accosted by the very, very drunk owner of the bike, who had just left one of the girly bars next door.
After a few kicks to my torso, and punches to my head, bystanders managed to hold him back.
But as I tried to drive away, the man and his companion broke away from the bystanders’ grasp, pulled out my side mirror and punched in my back window with a rod.
Thank God he did not have a gun. I do have a bump in the back of my ear as a souvenir of the evening.”

Carlos Celdran's car

Later, Carlos returned to the girly bar on Sinagoga and Mabini.
The staff said the attacker is a “marketer” or a pimp that takes commission from bars for bringing Koreans and Japanese tourists to meet Guest Relations Officers.
“His name is Rey and the people in the bars don’t like him either. I’ll let this go. This guy is scum and I wouldn’t put it past him to have me shot on the street for a few bucks,” Carlos wrote.

Quezon Avenue—October 23, 2012

Yesterday morning, my husband was on board a van with a driver and three office staff, when they saw a white Toyota Vios with plate number PQT 567 coming from the right side lane, with blinking lights.
At first they thought it wanted to change lanes, but it moved slowly, closer to the van.
A man rolled down the window of the front passenger seat and shouted to the driver: “Tabi mo! Tabi mo!”

In Manila you’re not supposed to stop for anything while on the road—due to carnappers, kidnappers, hold-uppers, or hostage-taking. My husband told the driver not to stop.
The sped up a little but the car kept cutting in front of them and signaling them to move to the right inner lane.

“You’re thinking lots of things at this moment and wondering what this is about. Since there were two men wearing shirts marked Land Transportation Franchising & Regulatory Board and we were five people in the van, we decided to stop,” my husband said.
“One of the men came out of the car and approached our driver’s window. He looked inside and mumbled something and left. According to my staff he was checking if our private van was being used as an unregistered PUV (public utility vehicle) that transports people for a fee.”

My husband took a photo and tweeted it to @LTFRB_Official and @MMDA


@LTFRB_Official replied:


It appears whoever is tweeting for @LTFRB_Official is lost in translation.
We shall send this entry to Asec. Torres.
@MMDA never replied by the way.
What the hell is going on? Does anybody have a clue? Does anybody care??

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