OMG, IKEA. I cry.
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While I appreciate luxe furniture, I also love IKEA and try to visit whenever I’m abroad.
Sometimes we take the kids. When we travel I like to point out art and design to them. At a very young age they could already tell an Eames chair from a Rietveld.

The boys at the Louvre

When we chose the floor tiles for our living rooms, the kids had a vote and won.
A couple of nights ago, my son Markus told me to stop calling him Marky. I realize the kids are now 13 and 14, they are no longer babies, but some of us can’t help but hold on to their childhood.
Just like the mom in this IKEA ad.
Moms who love their sons, please watch this.
PS. IKEA will open in the Philippines in 2020. It will be life changing.

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