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There’s something great about taking a long haul at night because we sleep most of the way.
The day before, I got word that traffic to NAIA was bad due to the number of people trying to leave the country, so we left the house at 5 PM for an 8 PM flight to Hong Kong.
We arrived in NAIA at 6 PM and finished immigration by 7 PM, with enough time to chill in the lounge before boarding.
Good news, there’s been some effort to repair some of the restrooms. Check out the sign:

NAIA improvements

There seems to be a cleaning attendant as well

Restroom improvements

The ladies’ room was jampacked so I could not enter and observe. One thing airport officials should know is that airport restrooms are also supposed to be huge and plenty. Lining up should not be an occurrence since everyone is assumed to be pressed for time.
Check out the Hong Kong airport restroom. I dream of a time Manila can have something like this.

Hong Kong airport restroom

Further improvement is the loss of hideous streamers behind the check-in counters.
This was before:


And after:

No more streamer

Oh, and airport tax was lowered to Php 550 from Php 750, so our group of five saved Php 1,000, thank you very much 🙂

Airport tax lowered

The flight to Hong Kong was great. I prayed a couple of rosaries and read my Yes! magazine with KC on the cover.
We landed. Ate a little bit at the Cathay Pacific lounge before boarding again for a 12:10 midnight flight to Amsterdam.
I gave everyone 25 mg. of Benadryl, which my mom used to give us kids during long-haul flights.
All three boys got knocked out before take off, while I lingered for four more hours before taking my dose. And then I got knocked out for pretty much the rest of the flight.

Cathay Pacific

The flight attendants were really sweet. I saw that they tucked in my sons in blankets when I was still buckled up. The flight started out bumpy and scary for me. A few rosaries later and it calmed down.
I love Cathay Pacific.

My Ben

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