Ode to Sharon Cuneta
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I first heard about Sharon Cuneta in grade school at St. Paul Pasig, around 1978. My best friend Nana pointed her out to me at the canteen (cafeteria) and said, “That girl has a record, you know.”
This one.

Mr. DJ

We were in 6th grade and Sharon was a batch older.
Little did we know that she would be a huge star three years later.
I was already in Assumption when her first movie with Gabby Concepcion, Dear Heart came out followed by PS. I Love You.

Dear Heart
PS I love you

To my horror, some of my classmates cut class to watch her movies. I was too chicken to join them.
Then one day my classmates dared each other to ring the doorbell at Sharon’s home in DasmariƱas Village. To their surprise, Sharon was home. They went inside and became friends.
I didn’t want to admit it but I was jealous of them for a very long time.

I met Sharon just once when I was already in college. There was a massive traffic jam on Wilson Street where we used to live. My classmates were with Sharon stuck in a car, and decided to walk to my house and ask for water. This was at the height of her stardom.
I met her once but Sharon remembered me a few years ago when she joined Twitter. She followed me and said she remembered me and my reference to “NIKNUD STUNOD” which was backwards for Dunkin’ Donuts. She thought it was hilarious.


We even exchanged phone numbers but I never used it.
Which brings us to present time and Sharon Cuneta’s recent posts on Facebook which break my heart.

This takes the cake for me. Read her caption. šŸ™

I don’t know what she’s going through but I wish it would go away. She does not deserve this kind of pain!!
I feel so much for her, so much sadness, as if she died. I decided to unearth my meager Sharon Cuneta DVD collection while the hubby was in Singapore and did an SC marathon.

Sharon Cuneta DVDs

I watched three of these back-to-back.
PS. I Love You is a classic ’80s which defined our high school years.
Rich girl meets richer boy and is broken apart by the girl’s mom because she hates the boy’s father with whom she had a past.
Lampel Luis was such a beauty, very chic in her ’80s disco outfits.
Danny Zialcita = John Hughes because he made films for an English-speaking generation of Filipino teens.
Danny Zialcita = cheese with the polo players and private planes.
But I digress….

Una Ka Naging Akin is a cheesy movie adapted from a komiks serial.
Rich boy Gabby Concepcion gets amnesia after surviving a kidnapping attempt and helicopter crash. He is nursed back to health by jungle natives who strangely know how to speak perfect Tagalog.
He meets Sharon and marries her but had to leave a pregnant Sharon and get a doctor when she goes into labor.
On the way to get the doctor, he figures in a bus accident and recovers from amnesia.
He remembers he was once engaged to a super hot Dawn Zulueta and marries her.
Dawn happens to be Sharon’s “best friend” in the movie.
Sharon is devastated when Gabby marries Dawn and doesn’t remember her and their son.
Pregnant Dawn miscarries in freak accident and becomes infertile. Gabby starts to hate her and starts an affair with Sharon, etc. until the shocking truth is revealed in a climactic ending.
PS. Everyone is gorgeous in this movie. Sharon is gorgeous (sans wig), Gabby is hot and always topless, and Dawn is super chic, whether in a cocktail dress or a Giordano pullover.

Sharon and Gabby

Bakit Ka Ba Mahalin is the worst one of the three (read: walang quenta), about the troubled marriage of middle class Sharon and typecast rich boy Gabby Concepcion.
The answer to the title is to be quite honest: NO.
Gabby is such a douche bag. He hooks up with a boring Chanda Romero (sorry) and hangs around with stereotypical bad boys such as Rez Cortez (so unchic).
This movie is so dumb, I can’t tell you. The only part I really liked was when Gabby brings his baby son to a room full of toys, including a giant Woody Woodpecker from Gift Gate.

Dapat Ka Bang Mahalin

I’m looking forward to watch Dear Heart again.
I’ll be looking for more Sharon DVDs, while avoiding the comedies and the ones where she’s paired with an action star (read: boring).
The younger people will never understand what Sharon is/was to our generation.
To dear Sharon, we get you. We are rooting for you, we respect you, and we are praying for your happiness ever after.
Hang in there!!

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