Ode to Kimpura Greenhills: Sayonara is not goodbye
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You heard rumors that your friend was dying but didn’t know for sure.
The only way to find out was to visit. And so you made plans to visit your friend.
You made plans to get your friends together to say goodbye one last time.
And then one day you got the text. Your friend was dead. You didn’t make it. You didn’t say goodbye.

My heart is broken.
My friend didn’t exactly die. But today I got a text from my husband that Kimpura Greenhills was closed!
We were planning to eat there on Saturday after hearing rumors they were about to close. We didn’t make it.

I had been going there since I was a kid in the ’70s. We always had to have the misono table. My staple orders were fried rice, steak and oysters.


The taste never changed 40 years later. You just knew you were going to have a delicious meal.

the chef
grilling the food
grilled salmon and onions

Never mind that they probably renovated only once. The nostalgic feeling was always there, with chefs having worked there for decades.


I loved it as a kid and and as an adult, and my kids love it too.

Taking a break from the hospital
Mark and his Power Ranger SPD

This was Kimpura Greenhills today.

Kimpura closed
Kimpura closed

Luckily they had left a sign.

Kimpura closed

Thank you, but Trinoma is too far and the one in Greenbelt is just so hot and filthy. Tried to eat there once and ended up running to Lusso.
We will wait for your comeback, Kimpura Greenhills. Please open again. Make your interiors nice and do it well so that my children’s children can enjoy it too.

the family

We’ll be back.

Well it's chocolate milk

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