Nutrilite invites you to a weight loss challenge
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Depending on your lifestyle, summer can either make you lose or gain weight. One summer was so hot, I gained a few inches because of Coke and ice cream (it was the only way to cope!).
My son Markus loses weight during summer due to basketball, and my niece trims down nicely from gymnastics.
Most people I know desire to lose weight but adults really have a tougher time.
What about a convenient weight loss package to help you jumpstart your diet?

NUTRILITE’s Trim Down Showdown pack includes four basic products:
Product Pack
1) Nutrilite Positrim Protein Bar
Is it a candy bar or a protein bar? With 22 grams of protein, no doubt it’s a protein bar. But its taste makes all the difference. The delicious bars are full of ready-to-go energy and packed with all the right nutrients for an active lifestyle. Each bar contains only 250 calories and is sugar-free.


Chronium helps your body metabolize carbohydrates, fats and protein. It plays an important role in activating key enzymes involved in fat metabolism. This unique blend combines the minerals chromium and vanadium with a special blend of herbs to help your body metabolize carbohydrates, fats and protein.
Give your weight management program some extra help. Chrompic Extra is the support you need!


3) Nutrilite Positrim Drink Mix (Dutch Cocoa Flavor)
Substitute your meal with one packet—just add water and shake up a glassful of energy and good nutrition.
Each packet makes a complete nutritious meal that provides a carefully considered formula of fats, carbohydrates, protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals.


4) Nutrilite Carb Blocker
The first and only supplement that provides an exclusive blend of natural plants extracts that blocks both sugars and starches which can help you lose weight. Lab tests show that a three-tablet serving of Carb Blocker taken with a high-carb meal, can help block up to 500 carbohydrate calories—without depriving your body of vitamins, minerals and fibers. Lose calories, not nutrients.


Each NUTRILITE’s Trim Down Showdown package also includes a free Nutrilite tape measure and meal planner. Php 6,840.
To purchase, call Amway Philippines at (02) 814-8181.

Nutrilite Trim Down Showdown: The Weight Loss Challenge

Nutrilite, renowned brand of nutritional supplements, presents an exciting contest that promotes living a healthy, colorful lifestyle just in time for the summer.
Nutrilite Trim Down Showdown is an ongoing challenge open to independent business owners (IBOs) of Amway Philippines who would like to achieve their ideal physique.

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1) IBOs who are interested to join need to first show their single receipt purchase of any of the two official Trim Down Showdown! Product Packs, in order to qualify for the pre-contest weigh-in.
2) The weigh-in sessions are currently ongoing at all Amway Distribution Centers (ADCs) in Makati, Shaw, Urdaneta, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro and Davao.
3) All contestants per ADC must commit themselves to the diet and fitness recommendations as written on the meal planner provided in the official product pack. Monthly weigh-ins and free nutrition consultations will be done from February 1 to April 30, 2012 at all ADCs.
4) The grand prize winner is the Top 1 IBO with the most number of pounds shed off after the contest period, who will receive gift certificates worth PhP 5,000 from Nike/Adidas.
5) The top 5 IBOs per ADC will receive cash coupons worth PhP 10,000 that are redeemable on Nutrilite products of their choice.

To learn more about the challenge or other Amway products and business opportunities, call Amway Philippines at (02) 814-8181.

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